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Fondacion Wikimedia
Fondacion Wikimedia

Benvenguda dins l'incubator de Wikimèdia !

L’Incubator Wikimèdia es l’endrech ont los projèctes Wikipèdia, Wikilibres, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wikiccionari e Wikiviatge s'avian dins de versions lingüisticas novèlas. Los projèctes pòdon èsser organizats, escriches, testats e esprovats per tal d’èsser aculhits per la Fondacion Wikimèdia.

Mentre qu'aqueles projèctes aguèsson pas encara lor pròpri wiki, pòdon èsser utilizats coma en verai, coma totes los autres projèctes Wikimèdia.

Las novèlas versions lingüisticas de Wikiversitat devon èsser fachas sus Bèta Wikiversitat, e las de Wikifont van sus l’Ancian Wikifont.

Podètz pas aviar un tot novèl projècte, podètz aviar una novèla version lingüistica d’un projècte existent.

Cossí aviar un wiki de tèst

If you are here to start a new language edition of a project, you can find all information on Help:Manual. Please be aware of the local policy.

Qualques règlas importantas :

  • You need a valid language code (explained in the manual). If you don't, you can apply for one, or use the non-Wikimedia wiki Incubator Plus 2.0.
  • Starting a test wiki here doesn't mean it will later be automatically accepted by Wikimedia; you need it to be approved by the Language committee first. See Requests for new languages for more information.
  • Please respect the naming conventions for the test language, to help future migrations of pages to an actual wiki project. All of your test pages (including templates and categories) need to be named uniquely (by using a prefix) and consistently.

How to contribute to a test wiki on Incubator

If you have knowledge of a language which currently has a test wiki here, you are strongly encouraged to contribute to that test wiki.

Please give all pages you create a correct prefix. More information about prefixes.



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