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Wikimedia Foundation
Wikimedia Foundation

Wikimedia Incubator tawh eima chaw dy!

He he cha , Reihchâ theihpa liata a châ thlâh theipa Wikimedia parawche wikizy a châpa Wikipedia, Wikichâbuzy, Wikithâtih, Wikiquote, Wiktionary nata Wikivoyage kha Wikimedia Foundation ta paziah pathi, roh a tahpa Wikimedia Incubator a châ.

Wikimedia Incubator liata simona wikizy he domainzy hnei vei h'raw ei sala, âmo cha Wikimedia parawche hropazy hawhta rei theipa nata taopathi theipa ama châ.

Vâsie thiehpa Wikiversity cha Beta Wikiversity lâta nata Wikihnawh eipa Reihzaw Wikihnawh lâta a vaw awpa a châ.

Parawche thiehpa rai he liata pathao thei va chi. A y cheihpa parawche reihchâ-thiehpa deita na pathao thei. Parawche thiehpa na pathao khoh khiah, meta:prawche thiehpazy châta ahawnazy lâta vawh teih, acv simona sâkha na tao khoh khiah, Wikispore kha moh teih.

Wiki thiehpa kheihta eima pathao aw

Parawche sâkha liata reihchâ thiehpa sâkha pathao awpa ta he lia na y khiah cha, Baona:Châbu chôlia he thâtih zydua na hmô thei. Ngiachhiepa ta Pawlisi he a thei bei mah y.

Peimawh kawpa dâhryh thokhapazy:

  • Nâma cha reihchâ code a hmôpa na hnei awpa nâ byuh. (Chhopasianabu liata chhopasia hawpa a châ). Na hnei vei khiah, sâkha na saoh thei, acv

wikimedia-leipa wiki [Plus 2.0] he hmâh teh.

  • He liata simona wiki na pathaopa he hnôhlâsâ ta Wikimedia ta anotata â châ pyh aw tahpa châ hlei vei; hmiatua chai ta Reihchâ committee ta â châ py awpa â byuh. Thâtih hluh viapa châta Reihchâ theihpazy châta a hawnazy he moh teih.
  • Ngiachhiepa ta hmialâ châhmiazy wiki parawche hmeihseihpa lâta pathlaipa ama châ thei n'awpa ta, simona reihchâ mohbiepa biepachianazy he za mah y. Nâma simona châhmia zydua (templatezy nata phozy a hlaopa) he â nano kawpa ta (hmiabai hmâna chôta) â hlaotly kawpa ta moh na bie awpa â byuh.

Kheihta e incubator lia simona wiki sâkha eima deichhy aw

Tahmâta simona wiki sâkha liata reihchâ he na pahno khiah, he simona wiki he na deichhy awpa ta thata eima châ haw.

Ngiachhiepa ta nâma na taodopa hmiabai châhmia zydua kha pie teih. Hmiabaizy nata a zaopa thâtih hluhviapazy.

Tahmâ ta chhichâpazy

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  • 24 November 2008: The Egyptian Arabic Wikipedia (wp/arz) has been created at – contribute now!
  • 03 November 2008: We now have a mailing list – subscribe then you'll receive important news and discussions.
  • 11 September 2008: The translator group has been created
  • 11 September 2008: The maximum number of subpages allowed to move at one time, has been extended from 100 to 500
  • 23 August 2008: The idea for a translator group has come up
  • 9 August 2008: An interesting feature request on Meta has been proposed: m:Flood flag to allow admins to temporarily hide their actions on recent changes
  • July 2008: Contribute to discussion about the new community draft of the language policy. The policy deals with opening wikis for our current projects in new languages.
  • 10 July 2008: The sidebar has been changed so the search box is at the top of the sidebar.
  • June 2008: We are migrating Main Pages from "Wx/xx" to "Wx/xx/Main Page". Please move the Main Page of your test project!
  • 2 June 2008: Incubator celebrates its second anniversary since its creation on 2 June 2006!
  • 1 June 2008: The Main Page has been redesigned and can be translated.
  • 27 May 2008: BetaWikiversity has been proposed to be closed.
  • 26 May 2008: 15 new wikis have been created.


Sietanô parawchezy

Wikimedia Foundation cha reih tato nata asaipa parawchezy a tao:

Wikipedia Wikipedia
Biebu saipa
Wiktionary Wiktionary
Disinari nata thesaurus
Wikisource Wikisource
Thâtih-saipa châreina o
Wikiquote Wikiquote
Patlypachhuahpazy pahmaohpa
Wikibooks Wikibooks
Chábu nata chhopasianabu saipazy
Wikinews Wikinews
Thâtih saipa
Wikiversity Wikiversity
Asaipa achuna chhaichhizy nata a peilyunazy
Wikivoyage Wikivoyage
Asaipa online khitlyhna chhopasiana
Wikispecies Wikispecies
Chikaozy chhihtuhpa
Wikidata Wikidata
A huahâhpa pahnona liata a pahniehpa
Wikimedia Commons Wikimedia Commons
Hiepatlah hawpa media pahmaohna
Meta-Wiki Meta-Wiki
Wikimedia parawche patlapasaona

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