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Horas di Hita Saluhutna di Wikimedia Incubator

I do ma Wikimedia Incubator, didia projek Wikimedia na mampunai hatolapon di Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikinews, Wikiquote, Wiktionary dohot Wikivoyage dapot di dipature, disurat, dohot di suba ba di bereng hapatutonna digalang Wikimedia Foundation.

Aganan bagas ponggol tingki suba Wiki di Wikimedia Incubator ndang mangarihon domain wiki, Ibana dapot mamangkena rampak dohot projek Wikimedia lainna.

Wiki hata baru sian Wikiversity haru lao tu Beta Wikiversity, dohot Wikisource tu Multilingual Wikisource.

Ho ndang boi mamatos projek baru dison, alai ho boi mamatos wiki dohot hata baru sian projek na naung adong, molo ho giot mamatos projek baru, lao tu meta:proposals for new projects, manang Wikispore molo ho mambahen tes.

Beha sara mamatos antik suba Wiki na imbaru?

Molo ho dison di mamatos sabiji projek Wikimedia di-hata asing, ho dapot mambereng inpormasi di Iringon. Elekelek manjaha Habisukon.

Pigapiga Ruhut ringkot:

  • You need a valid language code (explained in the manual). If you don't, you can apply for one, or use the non-Wikimedia wiki Incubator Plus 2.0.
  • Starting a test wiki here doesn't mean it will later be automatically accepted by Wikimedia; you need it to be approved by the Language committee first. See Requests for new languages for more information.
  • Please respect the naming conventions for the test language, to help future migrations of pages to an actual wiki project. All of your test pages (including templates and categories) need to be named uniquely (by using a prefix) and consistently.

Beha sara marsidohot tu Wiki antik suba di Incubator

Molo ho boi marhata hata asing na mampunai Wiki dison, ho pala diparsinta marrsidohot tu manurati Wiki targora.

Please give all pages you create a correct prefix. More information about prefixes.


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