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This page contains ae haunbuik fer fawk that want tae stairt ae Wikimedia wiki in ae leid that disna hae its ain wiki yet. See Special:SiteMatrix fer ae luikower o awreadie exeestin wikis (reid airtins ar non-exeestin wikis).

Step 1: Whit ye need

Wikimedia will na host onie wiki in ae leid or byleid that disna hae ae valid ISO 639 code, or ae leid in ae screept or orthographie that's na commynlie acceptie or uised. Gif ye'd like tae stairt ae personal waurk, see Incubater Plus oan Wikia.


Register n chynge preferances

Gif ye'r na loggit in yet, please log in or cræft aen accoont. This will mak it easier tae keep track o fellow contreebuters.

Than, gang til yer Preferances (1) n chynge yer interface leid (2) n chynge the test wiki settins:

  • The waurk (3), e.g. Wikipædia fer Wp/xx
  • The leid code (4), the "xx" in Wp/xx

Step 2: Stairtin ae wiki

  • Gif ye na sair whather yer leid meets the criteria or na, ye can speir it oan Incubator:Requests for starting a test.
    Gif yer leid is onvalid, it micht be delytit. Gif yer leid is valid, its content will certainlie be kept n aw wairk will be muived til the new wiki yince the wiki is cræftit.
  • In the kist ablo, replace "xyz" wi yer leid code. Uise aen w:ISO 639-1 code, n gif it disna exeest, uise aen w:ISO 639-3 code.
  • N replace "Wp" (Wikipedia) gif it's fer anither waurk aes weel, ("Wt" = Wiktionair, "Wn" = Wikinews, "Wb" = Wikibuiks, "Wq" = "Wikiquote", "Wy" = Wikivoyage).

Clap oan the cræft button abuin, n in the eedit form, replace "language name in English". Extra information can be foond oan Incubater:Policie/Test leid. Than hain the page.

  • Follae the instructions oan the page that ye'v jist cræftit. Ye'll be speired tae cræft ae main page, wi the title Project/code/Main_Page.
  • Ye can leet the wiki oan Incubater:Wikis.

Step 3: Haunin the request in

Ye can stairt ae test wiki here at Incubater aes weel wioot ae request at Meta, bit wioot yin, ye'll na get yer ain wiki.

  • It's recommendit that ye merge yer accoont sae that ye'r autæmateeclie loggit in til aw wikis incluidin MetaWiki.
  • Follae the instructions at the haunbuik fer requesters.
  • Update the Wx/xyz info page here bi chyngin the boondin "meta" til | meta = yes
  • Aes we'v awreadie said, the policie tae get ae Wikimedia subdomain ar stricter than tae stairt ae test waurk here. Read the policie cannilie.
    • Gif the test waurk meets aw formal needs, than it will be maurkt "vereefied tae be eligible". Gif the request isna maurkt sae yet efter ae lang time, ae need is proabablie missin.

Step 4: Oan the Incubater

  • Content wairk is the maist important thin. Write n maintain the airticles.
  • It can sometimes tak ae lang time afore yer wiki is appruived. Dinna be discooraged.
    • Maist proposals hae ae status page, this easilie says whit needs tae be dun afore it's appruived.
  • Ye can applie fer test wiki admeenship, tae tak care o yer test wiki.
  • Ae memmer o the Leid Committee can propose the appruival o yer test wiki. Gif na, n ye think that yer test wiki meets the needs, than ye can propose its appruival oan thair tauk page.

Baseec guidelines

Thaur's ae few rules that aw Wikimedia waurks maun follae:

  • The Terms o uiss applie fer aw wikis. Aw pages need tae be licensed unner Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License n GNU Free Documentation License. Please keep in mynd tae na copie texs fae ither steids that ar na licensed this waa wioot speirin the writer.
  • Writers maun write fae ae neutral point o view (NPOV).
  • Orthographeec practices - gif thaur's mair than yin waa tae speel or write in yer leid, than ye'll need rules aneat it.
  • Styleesteec conventions - gif yer leid disna hae ae staundairtised uneeversal form (the waa awbodie speaks it tae unnerstaund yin anither), ye'll need tae hae yin or hae ae rule tae tell fawk whit forms or byleids o yer leid tae uise. Ye'll need mair complex styleesteec conventions aes weel (fer aen example, see here).

Step 5: Localisation

The interface needs tae be localised intil yer leid. "Localisation" incluids owersetin the MediaWiki interface. Owersetin is yin o the needs afore ae wiki can be cræftit. Ye can dae this at Translatewiki. It's uissuallie dun in parallel wi the wairk oan the test wiki.

  1. Gif ye'r na familiair wi yet, than please follae the instructions thau.
  2. Gang til "Byordiair:Owerset" oan n than stairt owersetin:
    • While it wid be even better tae owerset the entire interface, fer ae first waurk in ae leid ye yinlie need tae localise the "maist uised MediaWiki messages". Thir ar the messages that ar o maist importance til oor readers.
      Note: If the interface is not yet available at all in your language — check the drop-down language menu at the top of the page—you will additionally need to translate at least 13% of the core MediaWiki messages in order to activate the interface in your language. (The "most used" messages count toward the 13%.)
    • Fer onie subsequent waurk in ae leid, aw o the core MediaWiki messages n the messages o the main extensions uised bi the Wikimedia Foondation need tae be owerset. It's expectit that the communitie o the first waurk haes maintained n impruived the localisation n consequantlie it shid be nae haurdship.

Ye'r encooraged tae jyn the leid support team fer yer leid, whaur ye can provide information aneat yer leid (lik plural rules) or test functionalitie. Gif thaur's onie techneecal proablem, lik ae lack o inpit methids or fonts fer yer leid, dinna swither in contactin eether throoch oor communitie portal or oan [[|]].

Step 6: Whan the wiki is appruived

Gif appruived, the leid committee will haun ae bug request in at Bugzilla. Than it's yinlie waitin oan the deveelipers tae cræft the steid. Ye can track the progress oan Incubator:Site creation log.

Step 7: Whan the wiki is cræftit

  • Stap! Perhaps ye want tae copiie aw o the pages fae the Incubater til the new wiki, bit please dinna dae this.
  • Somebodie will import aw the pages wi thair histerie, n wioot thair prefixes.
  • After the import from the Incubator is done, you can edit everything, create new articles, invite new editors, and do other things to grow the wiki. Graduating from the Incubator is not the end; it is the beginning.

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