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Jon Gua yaka munk ukuk chxi tayi-pipa, hayu masi kʰapa yaka / New main page by Jon Gua, many thanks to him

(Note: The Chinook Jargon (chinuk wawa) interface is still in testing and may be of poor quality.)

chxi tayi-pipa kʰapa chinuk-wawa wikipʰitiya ukuk. pus mayka tiki kʼilapay kʰapa ul tayi-pipa, ɬatwa yakwa.

ɬax̣ayam kʰapa wikipʰitiya,

hilu-peye kəmtəks-buk pus kʰanawi tilixam ɬaska munk-tʼsəm.

wikipʰitiya ukuk. hayu ikta pus msayka chaku-kəmtəks yakwa.
kʰanumakwst nsayka munk-t’səm uk t’wax̣-buk kʰapa chinuk wawa, pus kʰanawi tilixam ɬaska nanich.
ɬush pus mayka yeʔlan nsayka munk-hayash uk t’wax̣-buk (wəx̣t munk-ɬush nsayka t’səm), pus mayka tiki munk-kakwa.

nsayka pik ukuk nim-ikta

mayka kəmtəks?


hilu ulq’ alaska pi yukʰan?

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ɬush mayka munk-hayash kʰanawi ukuk pipa

kʰanawi nsayka tʼwax̣-pipa


Alright, time to ditch Nvolut's spelling for the titles, we're going full GR. It served its purpose but now we have the "Chinook wawa tilde" typing system.

To get the "Chinook wawa tilde" typing system, click the search bar, then click the keyboard system, then click "...", then type "chinuk wawa" into the "search for a language" search bar, click "chinuk wawa", click the keyboard again, click on "Chinook wawa tilde", and refresh the page. Now you can type all the letters that aren't on the English keyboard.