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The following list contains all test wikis in development on the Wikimedia Incubator that meet one or both of the following criteria:

  • They are substantial (having at least 25 mainspace pages), and/or
  • They are active (having some active content creation since the beginning of 2022).

Zvemawiki anowanzoshandwa pakati pe ese aya, onai Muandiro:Mawiki akafichwa.

Zvemanumeri emawiki ese aya, onai Muandiro:Mwishumo ye Wikipidhiya.

Zvemawiki akachichinurwa kubva muMuandiro, onai Muandiro:Tsiiga rekusika sayiti.

Zvemawiki ekuzama asinakudorongotswa pano, onai Mupanguro:Muandiro:Mazama ewiki ese, kwakadorongotswa mazama ese zvichienderana ne khodhi remushumo ne khodhi remutauro.