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Bata direfa vexala tir dem koto voneno wiki dokobaxo dene Wikimedia Incubator atoaxo, i dem koto dokobaxo vas bata ik bana luda :

  • dem vugon 25 bu koe dalafo yoltaxo, ik
  • dem runkafa buredura mali toza ke 2022.

Icde abico lotegino wiki dokobaxo, va Incubator:Featured wikis wil !!

For the statistics about all these wikis, see Incubator:Wikipedia projects.

Icde wiki dokobaxo arrundayano div Incubator atoaxo, va Incubator:Site creation log wil !!

Icde weslano wiki dokobaxo me koe bata vexala, va Category:Incubator:All test wikis wil, lize kot weslaks sotre beksa ke abdumimaks is avabeksa zo vexalad.