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अच्याल विकिमिडिया इङ्कुबेटरमी विकासआ क्रममी रयाआ सप्पै विकीइनलाई तल्तिरआ सूचीमी दीराइछ।:

  • They are substantial (having at least 25 mainspace pages), and/or
  • They are active (having some active content creation since the beginning of 2019).

यिन विकीइन मी है सबहै सक्रिय खिलाइ, Incubator:Featured wikisमी हेरअ।

For the statistics about all these wikis, see Incubator:Wikipedia projects.

इङ्कुबेटर बठेइ बाइरअ निकल्याआ विकीइन खिलाइ, Incubator:Site creation logमी हेरअ।

For test wikis not listed here, see Category:Incubator:All test wikis, where all tests are listed by project code and language code.