Category:Wp/vmf/Adigl in Hoaloisch

For articles in the subdialect of the region Hohenlohe. For geographical decomposition see map of Franconian dialects in Bavaria. Note that some dialect regions outside of Bavaria are missing, especially the most part of this one, which spreads to the South of "Würzburger Raum" and to the West of "Ansbacher Raum".

Fir adigl im Hoaloischn dialägd. Fir d'geograafische ufdaalung vgl. Ghardn mid dä Fränggischn dialägd in Baiârn. A bôôr gebiid ausahalb fon Bajân feeln, aa â groosdaal fom Hoaloischn, des lichd im Siidn fon "Würzburger Raum" und weschdlich fon "Ansbacher Raum".