This page is a translated version of the page Incubator:Uppercase and the translation is 100% complete.

Please dinna cræft pages in yer test wiki that stairt wi ae lower case letter (fer example a, b, c, d), except gif ye'r eeditin Wiktionair. N dinna cræft reguidals that airt fae the lower case page til the upper case page.


This is cause oan Wikimedia waurks, except Wiktionair, aw pages ar set tae begin wi ae capital letter bi defaut. Regairdless o whither ye access or, y'll laun oat the same page.

Here oan the Incubater, this settin disna affect page titles efter ae prefix directlie, bit efter yer wiki's ain subdomain is cræftit, proablems micht be encoontered whan exportin the pages til the new wiki, cause the prefixes ar than remuived. Example: Gif yer wiki haes the page Wp/en/germany while haein Wp/en/Germany aes weel, baith wid be exportit til the same tairget, in this waa causin trooble.

Ye can read mair aneat techneecal restreections in page names oan the Ingils Wikipædia.

Whit tae dae?

See the first twa sentances abuin: Dinna cræft pages whase title (efter the prefix) stairts wi ae lower case letter. This is true fer Templates n Categeries aes weel!

Ah hae encoonterit ae page that haes sic ae proablem.
Please muiv it til the richt page title, gif need be, n gif ye'r sair hou tae dae this. Itherwise, simplie maurk the page wi {{delete|case problems}} n aen admeenistrater will see til it.