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Per favore, non creare pagine nella tua wiki di prova che inizino con una lettera minuscola (per esempio a, b, c, d), a meno a meno che non stai modificando Wikizionario. Inoltre non creare redirect da una pagina che inizia con la lettera minuscola a una che inizia per lettera maiuscola.


This is because on Wikimedia projects, except Wiktionary, all pages are set to begin with a capital letter by default. Regardless of whether you access or, you will land at the same page.

Here on Incubator, this setting does not affect page titles after a prefix directly, but after your wiki's own subdomain is created, problems might be encountered when exporting the pages to the new wiki, because prefixes are removed then. Example: If your wiki has the page Wp/en/germany while having Wp/en/Germany too, both would be exported to the same target, thereby causing trouble.

Puoi leggere di più delle restrizioni tecniche dei nomi delle pagine sulla Wikipedia in inglese.

Che cosa fare?

See the first two sentences above: do not create pages whose title (after the prefix) starts with a lower case letter. This is also true for templates and categories!

I have encountered a page which has such a problem.
Please move it to the correct page title, if necessary, and if you are sure how to do this. Otherwise, simply mark the page with {{delete|case problems}} and an administrator will take care of it.