Hello everyone! I am the a test-administrator of the Ancient Greek Wikipedia test-project (since April 20, 2009) and the Ancient Greek Wikiquote test-project (since July 19, 2009).

My contributions consist of interwikifying all the articles that already exist, adding Greek diacritics when missing, correcting grammar and syntax here and there, categorifying the articles, and creating new ones (that I sometimes leave in a stubby state), and translating the grc interface messages.

More substantially, I have contributed significantly to the following pages: Wp/grc/Βικιπαιδεία:Δέλτοι ἅσπερ δεῖ ἁπάσας τὰς Βικιπαιδείας περιέχειν (which Ι've only partially translated into Ancient Greek along with Crazymadlover a.k.a. 190.40.xxx.xxx), and Wp/grc/Βικιπαιδεία:Ἀγορά/Λόγιοι Ἑλληνικοὶ ὅροι περὶ συγχρόνων ἐννοιῶν.

I have also written the first grc mathematical articles on several nonclassical topics: Modern Mathematics (Wp/grc/Συναλλοιότης διαφορομορφισμῶν, Wp/grc/Θεωρία κατηγοριῶν, Wp/grc/Σύνολον (μαθηματικά), Wp/grc/Θημών, Wp/grc/Θεωρία ἀναπαραστάσεων τῆς SL(2,R), and Wp/grc/Δυϊκότης Ταννάκα-Κρεῖν (which Crazymadlover considers to be a featured one and placed it on the main page)), contemporary politicians (Wp/grc/Βαροὺχ Ὀβάμα), musical genres (Wp/grc/Μέταλλον (μουσική)), film directors (Wp/grc/Στανλεῖος Κοῦβρικ), programming languages (Wp/grc/Java), and others.

I believe that this project has great potential and should carry on, but without the help of the "first generation" of its contributors (such as Lefcant, Leigh, and Neachili) or, even better, the help of new contributors, we cannot possibly have a vivid community of editors (Toolserver).

You can use my talk-page in order to have your queries or objections made known to me anytime. You can write to me in either of the following languages: Koine Greek, Modern Greek, English, French.

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Barnstar edit

  The Rosetta Barnstar
Omnipaedista is hereby awarded with a Rossetta Barnstar by me, Crazymadlover, for tirelessly making necessary (but tedious for most users) translations of Mediawiki messages to Ancient Greek.
Your work is truly appreciated. --Crazymadlover 24 January 2009

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grc-3 Ὅδε ὁ χρώμενος ἀνωτέραν γνῶσιν τῆς ἀρχαίας ἑλληνικῆς ἔχει.
en-5 This user has professional knowledge of English.
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