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Minang, Mineng or Menang.

What is MinangEdit

The name may derive from the bush tucker plant Mearn with the English name bloodroot wer scientific name Haemodorum spicatum.[1] It is like a chilli or an onion. Alternatively, the name Menang may refer to a Mamang (whale), as in Menang Koort (literally Whale Heart) which is the Noongar name for King George Sound.[2]

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Minang Moort - Families and people of Minang countryEdit

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Kwop Mia - Organisations of Minang CountryEdit

Southern Aboriginal CorporationEdit

Great Southern Aboriginal Health ServiceEdit

Aboriginal Legal Service of WA (inc)Edit

Minang TourismEdit

Indigenous Tourism is very strong in the Albany Region. There are a number of opportunities to view inidgenous sites with interpretive signage. There are also some tours that you can do. Wanjessy with Larry Blight, Poornati with Joey Williams.


Kalgan fish trapsEdit

The Kalgan fish traps located outside of Albany were a Noongar camp site dating back 7,500 years. [3]

Wadjella wom (non indigenous people) once recorded Aboriginal huts, wells, fires wer kangaroo traps. [4]

Kalgan meeting siteEdit

Discovery Bay Tourism ExperienceEdit

Yule ParkEdit

Lake Mount Pleassant ViewEdit

Museum of the Great SouthernEdit

Black StumpEdit

Mount MelvilleEdit

Mokare statue in main streetEdit

Dog RockEdit

Lake WeerlaraEdit


See alsoEdit

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Ngiyan waarnk - ReferencesEdit

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