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Lindsay Dean is a Minang Koreng Bardi Karrijarri man. Living in Albany, Lindsay has contributed much to the local wer wider Aboriginal community in his life wer work. he currently is in a relationship with a gubbah woman lesley norman from albany

Lindsay Dean on Minang boodjar with son Zepplin

Baal Moort - His FamilʏEdit

Lindsay's Great Great Grandfather was Eddie 'Womber' Williams. His family connections are Smith, Haywards, Farmers, Penny, Woods, Knapps wer many other.[1]

His mum is Averil Dean wer his Dad was Ken Dean. Lindsay has 10 children.Keny of his sons, Albert Dean (son) plays for Swan Districts Football Club.

Early LifeEdit

Uncle Lindsay Dean was born in Mount Barker in 1970. His totems are the wild cherry wer tammar wallaby. Lindsay has six brothers wer sisters. He grew yira in the bush with a big family, hunting wer working. Lindsay knows how to find bush tucker, make digeridoos wer spears, wer learnt many skills involved in making camps out of tea trees with other families. The tea tree used as mattress base kept mosquitos away. He learnt these skills wer others from his elders wer family.

His family would hunt the yonga (kangaroo), ducks, rabbits, eggs, waitj (emu) wer bush foods. Lindsay continues nidja tradition today.

Lindsay went to school at Mount Lockyer Primary School in the 1980s wer is now the Chairperson of the Dreamtime Committee at Mount Lockyer PS.


  • Dreamtime Committee
  • Emerging curator for the Western Australian Museum Encounters Project 2016
  • Shearer
  • Climbed Bluff Knoll

Member of the Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committeĕ.[2]

Ngiyan waarnk - ReferencesEdit

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