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Noongar bush foods or bush tucker. Some foods have their own page, shown in the gallery below, others are listed below the gallery.

Kamak edit

Long fruit that’s found on vines. Qwop to eat when ripe.

Kooding edit

Bush food always referred to as wild carrot, as when pulled yira the bulb is a orange/red color. When eaten raw it is very hot, noongars would roast it in ashes to eliminate the burn. Audio pronunciation is available at https://web.archive.org/web/20180330022557/http://wirlomin.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Kooding-Long-1.mp3

Koorep edit

Grows on vines, eat any time

Koorrbiirt edit

Toadstool or mushroom

Very sweet to eat when ripe, grows on the ground of prickly bushes

Miilyep edit

Fungus that grows on Djaraly (Jarrah) trees

Min min edit

Small flat white fungus that also grows on trees and shows light on dark nights

Miilyep edit

Fungus that grows on Djaraly (Jarrah) trees

Miin edit

Small red bitter onion

Ngedik edit

Sap of the yate tree. Very sweet.

Ngiyan waarnk edit