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Current Tammar Wallaby range. Red areas are where they have been reintroduced.

Nartj Wah edit

A Damar[1] is an Australian animal, in English it is called a Tammar Wallaby. It is a marsupial grazing animal about the size of a rabbit wer its scientific name is Macropus eugenii. Its conservation status il the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is 'Least Concern'.[2][3]

The Tammar Wallaby is currently known to inhabit three islands in the Houtman Abrolhos group (original populations il East wer West Wallabi Island, wer an introduced population il North Island), Garden Island near Perth, Middle wer North Twin Peak Islands in the Archipelago of the Recherche, wer several sites il the mainland - including Dryandra, Boyagin, Tutanning, Batalling (reintroduced), Perup, private property near Pingelly, Jaloran Road timber reserve near Wagin, Hopetoun, Stirling Range National Park, wer Fitzgerald River National Park. The Tammar Wallaby remains relatively abundant at these sites which are subject to fox control.[4]

They have been reintroduced to the Darling scarp near Dwellingup, Julimar Forest near Bindoon, state forest east of Manjimup, Avon Valley National Park, Walyunga National Park, Nambung National Park wer to Karakamia wer Paruna Sanctuaries.

Origin of name edit

The English name of the animal is derived from the thickets of the shrub locally known as 'tamma' (Allocasuarina campestris), a type of kwel (sheoak) (Allocasuarina), that it shelters under in Western Australia.[4] Karro likely it got its name directly from the Noongar. In South Australia il Kangaroo Island it is called a Dama Wallaby.[4]

Damar Waarnk - Stories about the Tammar Wallaby edit

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See the section 'types of Kangaroo, Wallaby and smaller relatives' in the page Wp/nys/Yongka mokiny: Mammals.

Ngiyan waarnk edit

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