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In general, all useful information from Wikitravel has long since been incorporated into free-standing Wikivoyage projects or Wikivoyage test projects on Incubator. Data dumps are still available at from the previous Japanese and Hungarian Wikitravel projects, and those data can potentially be brought to Incubator if there is interest. However, Japanese and Hungarian Wikivoyage test projects are no longer eligible for fast-track approval under the transition rules, and must go through the ordinary approval process. StevenJ81 (talk) 14:10, 7 November 2017 (UTC)'[reply]

As evidenced by e.g. the interwiki links on the Wikitravel Main Page, they had 21 language versions (as of January 2013). There are listed below.

Initial 7 Wikivoyages


The Wikivoyage project (prior to being taken over by Wikimedia) had 7 language subdomains, a subset of those 21 of Wikitravel, which they had built up initially using dumps of Wikitravel. They were simply migrated from Wikivoyage e. V. servers to Wikimedia's. They are marked in the table below in green.

Additional 8


Moreover, Wikivoyage e. V. seemed to have planned the importing of more of the Wikitravel language versions, and created dumps of them when this was still possible (Wikitravel switched off its Special:Export page sometime in Summer 2012). It was consensus in the m:Langcom that these projects, for which content already existed, can be approved speedily, without the need to spend a long time on Incubator first. To that end, User:MF-Warburg contacted someone from Wikivoyage e. V. to get these XML dumps in November 2012, but due to some problems this has still not been successful as of 28 September 2013. However, we were able to get a list of 8 languages for which they said they had dumps; these are marked in the table below in orange.

But additionally, it turned out that the site, run by voy:User:Wrh2, contains "backups" of Wikitravel pages as of Summer 2012 as well. The interest from users for Spanish and Portuguese was especially high, and as they were rightfully getting a bit impatient, the bugzilla requests to create those wikis were filed on 10 December 2012, with the assumption that the wikis would be imported from Jamguides, if XML files could not be obtained until their creation. They were created on 3 January 2013 and imported from Jamguides, and a few pages which the users developed on Incubator. Later, in February, the same was done for the Romanian and Polish versions. See Incubator:Site creation log#2013.

Unfortunately, when we wanted to continue with this for the remaining four languages (Hungarian, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese), it turned out that was turned into a redirect to at an unknown date. User:Vogone has asked de:voy:User:DerFussi at Wikimania 2013 about the existence of XML dumps for these languages, and he promised to look into the matter. There was no result.

Chinese Wikivoyage was created in January 2014 without using contents from Wikitravel, solely from content of an Incubator test-project, per the wish of the community of that test.

Finnish, Hungarian and Japanese Wikitravel dumps eventually turned up, they are now on Finnish Wikivoyage was created out of them and some Incubator pages in December 2016. Hungarian and Japanese Wikivoyages can be created out of them with the dump data, if there is community interest. But an interested community can also choose to seek approval without these old data, based only on the test-wiki contents here on Incubator (they will then be approved when they fulfill the usual activity requirements for approval); in the same way as it was done with Chinese.

"No meaningful edits recently"


6 Wikitravel language versions were classified as having "no meaningful edits recently" on m:Talk:Wikivoyage/Migration/FAQ#2. Language versions (that page has been imported from an old Wikivoyage site to Meta). Wikivoyage e. V. does not have dumps of them, so they were put at the end of the priority list. They were however avaiable on Jamguides as well.

The old data (if it still appears) will most likely not be reused for them. Hebrew Wikivoyage has already been started completely from scratch on Incubator and was approved and created, and test-projects for the other languages exist too.


# Language Situation Current location
1 ar #"No meaningful edits recently" Wy/ar
2 ca #"No meaningful edits recently" Wy/ca
3 de #Initial 7 Wikivoyages voy:de:
4 en #Initial 7 Wikivoyages voy:en:
5 eo #"No meaningful edits recently" voy:eo:
6 es #Additional 8 voy:es:
7 fi #Additional 8 voy:fi:
8 fr #Initial 7 Wikivoyages voy:fr:
9 he #"No meaningful edits recently" voy:he:
10 hi #"No meaningful edits recently" voy:hi:
11 hu #Additional 8 Wy/hu
12 it #Initial 7 Wikivoyages voy:it:
13 ja #Additional 8 voy:ja:
14 ko #"No meaningful edits recently" Wy/ko
15 nl #Initial 7 Wikivoyages voy:nl:
16 pl #Additional 8 voy:pl:
17 pt #Additional 8 voy:pt:
18 ro #Additional 8 voy:ro:
19 ru #Initial 7 Wikivoyages voy:ru:
20 sv #Initial 7 Wikivoyages voy:sv:
21 zh #Additional 8 voy:zh:

"Wikivoyage Incubator"

What will happen to them?
They will be imported to Incubator, if users request it.

Subsequent activity through 7 November 2017

  • A Hindi Wikivoyage project was approved and created in 2017.
  • For all languages noted above where independent Wikivoyage projects have not yet been created, test projects exist on Wikivoyage.
  • For Japanese and Hungarian projects: The data dumps are still (presumably) available for use. However, as of November 2017, the only approval path is to bring any useful data to Incubator, consolidate it with anything already existing here in the Incubator test projects, and to go through the ordinary project approval process. Fast-track approval by the transitional rules is no longer an option.