Video from the Databox workshop at the Celtic Knot Conference 2022.

Databox is a module that adds an infobox with data from Wikidata to articles on your test wiki. It can be used both in the Wikimedia Incubator and on live wikis.

Because pages on the Wikimedia Incubator technically aren't connected to Wikidata in the same way that pages on Wikipedias are, you need to specify the Wikidata ID – read Incubator:Wikidata for tips on how to find the right Wikidata ID.

How to use a databox


The beauty of databox is how simple it is to use. All you have to do is to add it to an article, specify the Wikidata ID, and then it will automatically display information from Wikidata. All the fields and contents of the databox can be translated by going to the respective Wikidata items and properties.

In visual editor
When editing in visual editor, you add the template by clicking "Insert" > "Template" and then enter "(your wiki's prefix)/Databox". Then you add the parameter "item" and paste the Wikidata item ID that corresponds to the article you are editing.
In source mode
When editing in source mode, all you need to add is this to an article:
If you have disabled the AddPrefix gadget (which is enabled by default), you need to write the following:

How to create a databox


All you need to create a databox template is to copy two pages. One is a module, and one is a template. You don't need to change anything in them, except the template data in the second page.

If you choose a test wiki in your preferences, you will see links for how to add a databox for your test wiki here.

Need help?


If you need any help with the databox, feel free to ask at the Community Portal.