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These pages have codes of macrolanguages; see
In general, LangCom discourages creation of projects (and tests) in macrolanguages, and prefers that projects (and tests) be created in individual constituent languages. That having been said:

  • There are many existing projects in macrolanguages.[Note 1] In general, once there is a project (usually Wikipedia) in a macrolanguage, second and subsequent projects in the same macrolanguage will be allowed.
  • When there is substantial mutual intelligibility between constituent languages of a macrolanguage, LangCom may allow a project to be created in the macrolanguage. Those cases are decided on an individual basis.

Notes edit

  1. The ISO 639–3 standard, which first introduced the concept of macrolanguages, was published in February 2007. Many of these projects predate that standard.