This project uses a different ISO code.
This code corresponds to an existing Wikimedia project, which can be found at mn:.

The "mongolian" language is a macrolanguage, consisting of the following member languages:

Per SIL's iso639-3:mon page:

  • Khalkha Mongolian (ISO 639-3 khk)
    This Mongolian dialect is known as the main dialect used in Mongolia (the country bordered between China and Russia, like Andorra between France and Spain), which is already served by Mongolian projects using ISO 639-1 mn, and de facto use Cyrillic scripts (even though Mongolia has adpoted to restore Traditional Mongolian scripts)
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  • Peripheral Mongolian (ISO 639-3 mvf)
    This is normally considered as having several dialects, that are 50%~70% mutually intelligible each other, in the Inner Mongolia of China. China is silent on those dialects, and just say them as "Mongolian language", nearly all of them are using Traditional Mongolian scripts
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Note that there are some other languages, more or less treated by local speakers as dialects of Mongolia but have separated codes:

  • Buryat, see Wp/bua, that's classificated as another marcolanguage ecosystem by SIL
  • Oirat aka. Kalmyk:
    Modern Oirat (xal): Wikipedia
    Written Oirat (xwo)
  • Classical Mongolian (cmg)

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