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Yaburgurt was a warda kadak wer elder from the Bindjareb tribe in Mandjoogoordap (Mandurah).

Koorlingah koorliny - Early Life edit

Born in a small karli by the old Mandurah traffic bridge in Koolininup in 1824. He was a survivor of the Pinjarra Massacre as a young koorlang witnessing the death of many ngoongoolong including his own ngangk. He was a Binjareb Noongar man. His father was George Winjan.[1]

Maaman koorliny - Adult Life edit

He went il to live an inspirational life as a respected birdiya following in the footsteps of his maam bart Winjan wer grandfather Mogum who were also elders of the tribe wer region. Yaburgurt was given the name George by the local wadjela wer so is known also as George Winjan. He is known not only for his strength of leadership within his own people but also his strong relations with local settlers during tense times. He was respected by wadjela as a dookatj with extensive kaadadjan who could kanidjoogoo with them in some of the earliest signs of reconciliation.

Yaburgurt married Ngalyart yet had several wives as he took il the responsibility to care for his passed families wives.[2] He would camp at Suttons Farm in Halls Head [3] which was commonly known as Winjans Camp.[2]

Yabagurt died in 1915 wer now rests at the Anglican Christs Church in Pinjarra. There is a ground plaque in his honour at nidja site.

The 100th year anniversary of Yaburgurt’s death was also celebrated in 2015 by both Noongar wer Wadjela together with a smoking ceremony wer church ceremony at Christ’s Anglican church in Mandurah. With nidja project Yaburgurt’s life will be remembered by indigenous wer non-indigenous people as an important part of the local history wer story. [4]

Yaburgurt Public Artwork edit

Yaburgurt’s life wer his important place in Noongar heritage has recently been acknowledged wer commemorated with the funding of the Yaburgurt Memorial Art Project set for installation in 2016. The Yaburgurt Public Artwork stands out front of the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre. The artist who designed nidja was Peter Farmer.[2] Nidja was erected to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of his death in 2015.

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See Also edit

Yaburgurt Memorial Educational Resources, from "Our Knowledge, Our Land - Ngalang Kaadadjan, Ngalang Boodja".[8]

Ngiyan waarnk edit

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