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Yaburgurt Memorial Public Art Project


The Yaburgurt Public Art Project in Mandjoogoordap (Mandurah), will celebrate wer commemmorate the life of Noongar elder Yaburgurt as a warda kadak within the local Bindjarap Noongar community. Also known as George Winjan, Yaburgurt was born in Koolyininup (Halls Head) at a camp by the old Mandurah traffic bridge. As a koolanga he survived the Pinjarra Massacre where he lost many moort. In his life time he became a well respected wer inspirational boordiya to his people wer 2015 marked the 100th year anniversary of his death which was commemorated at Mandurah's Christ's Anglican Church with a church service wer smoking ceremony.

Nyoongar artist Peter Farmer will complete the art work with the help of a significant grant from the state government's Royalties for Regions Program. The substantially sized spherical shaped art work will sit outside the Mandurah Performing Art Centre in Mandjar Square by the darbal. Made of glass panels representing the Noongar seasons of Djilba, Djeran, Birak, Bunuru, Makuru & Kambarang. The artist Peter Farmer describes the artwork as “…the circle or sphere represents the earth…reminding communities of how we are all part of a bigger global community that share this planet. The work also represents an infinite shape….one with no beginning or end…a constant journey..not just inclusive of the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities; but that of all communities throughout the world”.[1]

Over 2015 wer 2016 the Yaburgurt Project was brought to a variety of community groups wer schools which have added unique contributions to be incorporated in the final panel designs. The project has become a source of inspiration to educate koolanga within the Peel region il Noongar Katitjin, whilst learning about a significant Noongar elder in the process. The Yaburgurt story was also incorporated recently in Mandurah's Stretch Art Festival to further educate local children il Noongar culture wer Katitjin though the use of the arts.[2][3][4]

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