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If you have any questions, feel free to ask it on my talk page.

Greetings, Jose77 07:22, 4 December 2008 (UTC)Reply

Welcome to Wikipedia! --Chabi 16:27, 4 December 2008 (UTC)Reply

I have helped create the Jamaican template here. You can translate that template into Jamaican. --Jose77 20:51, 4 December 2008 (UTC)Reply
In answer to your question, the numbers next to the names of contributors represent the amount of bytes contribututed by each editor. For example, (+356) means that editor has added extra content of 356 bytes; whereas (-1105) means that the editor has removed existing content of 1105 bytes. Of course, if an editor removes old content and adds new content at the same time, then the net change would be smaller. --Jose77 21:36, 4 December 2008 (UTC)Reply
Hi Sandevaj, I have helped insert line breaks to this Evan Jones article. --Jose77 02:57, 5 December 2008 (UTC)Reply

Request for Help, please


Greetings Sandevaj,

Could you kindly help me translate these 5 passages into the brilliant and wonderful Jamaican language? Please.

"Receiving the Holy Spirit, evidenced by speaking in tongues, is the guarantee of our inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven".
"Water baptism is the sacrament for the remission of sins and for regeneration. The baptism takes place in natural living water, such as the river, sea, or spring. The Baptist, whom already had received baptism of water and the Holy Spirit, conducts the baptism in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And the person receiving the baptism should be completely immersed in water with head bowed and face downward".
"The sacrament of feet washing enables one to have a part with the Lord Jesus. It also serves as a constant reminder that one should have love, holiness, humility, forgiveness and service. Every person who has received water baptism should have their feet washed in the name of Jesus Christ. Mutual feet washing can be practiced whenever is appropriate".
"The Holy Communion is the sacrament to commemorate the death of the Lord Jesus Christ. It enables us to partake of the flesh and blood of our Lord and to be in communion with Him so that we can have eternal life and be raised on the Last Day. This sacrament should be held as often as possible. Only one unleavened bread and grape juice is used".
"The Sabbath day, the seventh day of the week (Saturday), is a Holy Day, blessed and sanctified by God. It is to be observed under the Lord's grace for the commemoration of God's creation and salvation and with the hope of eternal rest in the life to come".

Your help would be very Gratefully Appreciated, Thankyou very much. --Jose77 02:57, 5 December 2008 (UTC)Reply



Please, could you trasnlate this to me?

Wikipedia:Vital articles

Contents [hide]

   * 1 People (115 articles)
         o 1.1 Artists
         o 1.2 Authors
         o 1.3 Composers and musicians
         o 1.4 Explorers
         o 1.5 Inventors and scientists
         o 1.6 Mathematicians
         o 1.7 Philosophers and social scientists
         o 1.8 Religious figures
         o 1.9 Politicians and leaders
   * 2 History (60 articles)
         o 2.1 Prehistory to Middle Ages
         o 2.2 Renaissance to present
   * 3 Geography (106 articles)
         o 3.1 Bodies of water
         o 3.2 Cities
         o 3.3 Continents and regions
         o 3.4 Countries
         o 3.5 Mountains, valleys and deserts
   * 4 Arts and culture (56 articles)
         o 4.1 Artistic movements
         o 4.2 Literature
         o 4.3 Music
         o 4.4 Performing arts
         o 4.5 Visual arts
   * 5 Philosophy and religion (77 articles)
         o 5.1 Philosophy
         o 5.2 Religion
         o 5.3 Specific religions
   * 6 Everyday life (82 articles)
         o 6.1 Food and drink
         o 6.2 Language
         o 6.3 Recreation and entertainment
   * 7 Society and social sciences (88 articles)
         o 7.1 Social issues
         o 7.2 Business and economics
         o 7.3 Media
         o 7.4 Politics and government
         o 7.5 Social sciences
   * 8 Health and medicine (48 articles)
         o 8.1 Disease
         o 8.2 Health and fitness
         o 8.3 Medicine
   * 9 Science (177 articles)
         o 9.1 Astronomy
         o 9.2 Biology
         o 9.3 Chemistry
         o 9.4 Earth science
         o 9.5 Physics
   * 10 Technology (121 articles)
         o 10.1 Energy
         o 10.2 Electronics
         o 10.3 Mechanical and structural engineering
         o 10.4 Transportation
         o 10.5 Information technology
         o 10.6 Optical
         o 10.7 Media and communication
         o 10.8 Navigation and timekeeping
         o 10.9 Weapons
         o 10.10 Material and chemical
         o 10.11 Food and health
         o 10.12 Space
   * 11 Mathematics (59 articles)
   * 12 Measurement (26 articles)
   * 13 See also

Thanks a lot. This articles are needed to have a Wikipedia. --Chabi 16:05, 31 December 2008 (UTC)Reply



Hi there, I wasn't sure how to post to your talk page so I did the translations here. Hope you find it. Amm,I am not 100 % sure about all these, but as we say in Jamaica, "ef i no go so, i nier go so" (that is, if I am not correct on everything, I am almost correct.) In any case, there are some people who won't resist correcting whatever mistakes I made, so it should be fine.

  • 1 People-Piipl

(115 articles- Aatikl)

        o 1.1 Artists- Aatis
        o 1.2 Authors- Aata
        o 1.3 Composers and musicians- Kompuoza ahn Myuuzishan
        o 1.4 Explorers- Expluora
        o 1.5 Inventors and scientists- Inventa ahn Saiyantis
        o 1.6 Mathematicians- Matamatishan
        o 1.7 Philosophers and social scientists – Filasafa an Suoshal Saiantis
        o 1.8 Religious figures – Rilijos Figaz
        o 1.9 Politicians and leaders- Palitishan an Liidaz
  * 2 History- Ischri

(60 articles- Aatikl)

        o 2.1 Prehistory to Middle Ages (Bifuo-Ischri tu di Migl Iej)
        o 2.2 Renaissance to present- Renasaans tu nou
  * 3 Geography- Jiyagrafi

(106 articles- Aatikl)

        o 3.1 Bodies of water- Waata Badi
        o 3.2 Cities- Siti
        o 3.3 Continents and regions- Kantinent ahn Riijan
        o 3.4 Countries- Konchri
        o 3.5 Mountains, valleys and deserts- Mountn, Vali an Dezort
  * 4 Arts and culture Aat ahn Kolcha 

(56 articles)

        o 4.1 Artistic movements- Aatis Muuvment
        o 4.2 Literature- Lichicha
        o 4.3 Music- Myuuzik
        o 4.4 Performing arts- Pofaamin Aats
        o 4.5 Visual arts- Vishual Aats
  * 5 Philosophy and religion- Filasifi an Rilijan

(77 articles)

        o 5.1 Philosophy- Filasifi
        o 5.2 Religion- Rilijan
        o 5.3 Specific religions- Spesifik Rilijan
  * 6 Everyday life- Ebridie Laif

(82 articles)

        o 6.1 Food and drink- Nyamins an dringks
        o 6.2 Language- Langgwij
        o 6.3 Recreation and entertainment- Rekri’ieshan an Entatienment
  * 7 Society and social sciences- Sosaiyati an Suoshal Sorvis

(88 articles)

        o 7.1 Social issues- Suoshal Ishu
        o 7.2 Business and economics- Bizniz an Ikanamix
        o 7.3 Media- Miidia
        o 7.4 Politics and government- Palitiks an Govament
        o 7.5 Social sciences- Suoshan Saiyans
  * 8 Health and medicine- Elt an Medisn

48 articles)

        o 8.1 Disease- Diziiz
        o 8.2 Health and fitness- Elt ahn Fitnis
        o 8.3 Medicine- Medisn
  * 9 Science- Saiyans

(177 articles)

        o 9.1 Astronomy- Aschranomi
        o 9.2 Biology- Bailoji
        o 9.3 Chemistry- Kimischri
        o 9.4 Earth science- Ort Saiyans
        o 9.5 Physics- Fizix
  * 10 Technology- Teknalaji

(121 articles)

        o 10.1 Energy- Enaji
        o 10.2 Electronics- Ilekchranix
        o 10.3 Mechanical and structural engineering
        o 10.4 Transportation- Transpotieshan
        o 10.5 Information technology- Infamieshan Teknaliji
        o 10.6 Optical- Optikal
        o 10.7 Media and communication- Miidia an Kamyuunikiehshan
        o 10.8 Navigation and timekeeping- Navigieshan an (I’m not sure how to translate timekeeping)
        o 10.9 Weapons- Wepan
        o 10.10 Material and chemical- Matiiriyal an Kemikal
        o 10.11 Food and health- Fuud/ Nyaminz ahn Elt
        o 10.12 Space- Spies
  * 11 Mathematics- Matamatix

(59 articles)

  * 12 Measurement- Mejament

(26 articles)

  * 13 See also- Chek out demya tu

--sandevaj 16:56, 31 December 2008 (UTC) Sorry, I have forgotten. How do you say "Wikipedia:Vital articles" in Jamaican. --Chabi 16:58, 31 December 2008 (UTC)Reply

Can't think of a direct translation, but this works: Wikipedia: Di nesiseri aatikl dem --sandevaj 17:13, 31 December 2008 (UTC)Reply

  1. History
  2. Civilization
  3. History of the world
  4. History of Africa
  5. History of the Americas
  6. History of China
  7. History of Europe
  8. History of India
  9. History of Japan
 10. History of the Middle East
  1. Prehistory
  2. Stone Age
        1. Mesopotamia
        2. Neolithic Revolution
        3. Sumer
  3. Bronze Age
        1.  Ancient Egypt
        2. Assyria
        3.  Indus Valley Civilization
  4. Iron Age
        1. Ancient Greece
        2. Ancient Rome
        3. Macedon
        4. Persian Empire
  5. Middle Ages
        1. Black Death
        2.  Byzantine Empire
        3. Crusades
        4. East-West Schism
        5. Holy Roman Empire
        6. Islamic Golden Age
        7. Mongol Empire
        8. Ottoman Empire
        9. Pre-Columbian
       10. Spanish Inquisition
       11. Viking Age

Thanks a lot for your help. --Chabi 17:19, 31 December 2008 (UTC)Reply

I'd personally prefer if they were translated. Words are pronounced very differently in Jamaican Creole. Having the words in English makes reading of phrases such as "Ischri a di Middle East," slightly offsetting. I do think it is important to have the English translations of proper nouns displayed however, because some people might not yet be familiar with the orthography. Consider: Aiyan Iej (Iron Age). Most Jamaicans have an English background so they will fully understand the term "Iron Age," while familiarizing themselves with the orthography used to represent the words as we say them in Jamaican Creole.

1.Ischri 2.Sivilaizieshan 3.Ischri a di worl 4.Ischri a Afrika (Africa) 5.Ischri a di Amerikaz (Americas) 6.Ischri a Chaina (China) 7.Ischri a Yuurop (Europe) 8.Ischri a India (India) 9.Ischri a Japan (Japan) 10.Ischri a di Migl Iis (Middle East)

1.Bifuo-Ischri (Pre- history)

2.Tuon Iej (Stone Age)

    1.Mesopotiemia (Mesopotamia)
    2.Niolitik Revaluushan (Neolithic Revolution)
    3.Suuma (Sumer)

3.Branz Iej (Bronze Age)

    1.Ienchent Iijip (Ancient Egypt)
    2.Asiria (Assyria)
    3.Indus Vali Sivilaizieshan (Indus Valley Civilization)

4. Aiyan Iej (Iron Age)

    1. Ienchent Griis (Ancient Greece)
    2  Ienchent Ruom (Ancient Rome)
    3. Masedan (Macedon)
    4. Pershan Empaiya (Persion Empire)

5. Migl iej (Middle Ages)

     1. Blak Det (Black Death)
     2.  Bizantiin Empaiya (Byzantine Empire)
     3. Di Kruusied Dem (Crusades)
     4. Iis-Wes Skizim (East West Schism)
     5. Uoli Ruoman Empaiya (Holy Roman Empire)
     6. Izlamik Guoden Iej (Islamic Golden Age)
     7. Monggol Empaiya (Mongol Empire)
     8. Ataman Empaiya (Ottoman Empire)
     9. Bifuo-Kolombos (Pre-Columbian)
    10. Panish Inkwizishan (Spanish Inquisition)
    11. Vaikin Iej (Viking Age)

The pleasure is all mine, don't even mention it. :D --sandevaj 18:14, 31 December 2008 (UTC)Reply

Small request. I wrote two articles the other day,Wp/jam/Luusi and Wp/jam/Di Parish Dem, which I believe fit appropriately under the heading "Jumieka" on the home page. Are you able to shift those there for me? I will further expand each article with time. --sandevaj 18:19, 31 December 2008 (UTC)Reply

Template:Wp/mwl/Feito Done it. Look at Wp/jam --Chabi 10:01, 1 January 2009 (UTC)Reply



I put you more articles to translate them:

Age of Discovery 
Age of Enlightenment 
British Empire 
Civil rights movement 
Cold War 
Congress of Vienna 
Cultural Revolution 
European colonization of the Americas 
History of the European Union 
French Revolution 
Great Depression 
The Holocaust 
Industrial Revolution 
Iranian Revolution 
Korean War 
Napoleonic Wars 
Protestant Reformation 
Russian Empire 
Scientific Revolution 
Scramble for Africa 
Soviet Union 
Space exploration 
Taiping Rebellion 
History of the United States 
Women's suffrage 
World War I 
World War II 
Amazon River 
Atlantic Ocean 
Black Sea 
Caspian Sea 
Great Barrier Reef 
Indian Ocean 
Mediterranean Sea 
Niagara Falls 
Pacific Ocean 
Panama Canal 
Suez Canal 

Hong Kong 
Los Angeles 
Mexico City 
New York City 
São Paulo 
Tokyo --sandevaj 23:06, 1 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

I'll put images on the rest of the articles. --Chabi 19:43, 1 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

Cool, will do. Chabi, if it isn't too much asking, where are you from?

Is not too much asking. I'm from Spain. --Chabi 20:38, 1 January 2009 (UTC)Reply



Sorry but in this article you have put Venizuela and Venezuela. What's correct? --Chabi 21:01, 1 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

to the best of my knowledge it is Venizuela. --sandevaj 21:08, 1 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

Wait, I wasn't very clear. So the name in English is Venezuela, but I believe the correct word in Jamaican Creole is 'Venizuela'. That is the only way I have ever heard it pronounced. --sandevaj 21:15, 1 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

Delete article?


Is it possible to delete pages?

I tried to make spelling corrections to the titles of articles I had made, but an entirely new link was created, without the text I wrote. (See Nedelan Antiliiz which I wanted to change to Nedalan Antiliiz)

Now we have two similar articles, one which is no longer necessary. --sandevaj 23:06, 1 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

You only have to put {{delete}} on the page you want to delete. But, please, if you want to tell me something, do it on my discussion's page. --Chabi 23:33, 1 January 2009 (UTC)Reply



How do you say America in Jamaican? I've seen Amerika and Morka. Please, correct this article. --Chabi 09:41, 2 January 2009 (UTC)Reply



Could you please write a stub http://incubator.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wp/jam/Kurow – just a few sentences based on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kur%C3%B3w ? Only 2-5 sentences enough. Please.

PS. Article about Kurów is already in 307 languages and dialects. If you do that, please put interwiki link into English version. If your village/town/city isn't yet on PL wiki, I can do article about it. (I'm first author of requests and this article have the biggest number of interwikis)

PPS. Happy New Year! Pietras1988 TALK 10:12, 2 January 2009 (UTC) Reply

I made stub Wp/jam/Kurow but I don't speak Jamaican so maybe are bad words - please for corrects. Pietras1988 TALK 10:30, 4 January 2009 (UTC) Reply

Fuck you because you don't changed it... Pietras1988 TALK 13:57, 8 January 2009 (UTC) Reply

I am not paid to write anything on wikipedia, so how dare you use such obscene language with me. I don't know what you do for a living, but I go to school, and I have work to do. This is what I do in my spare time- THIS IS NOT MY JOB. Brait ahn outa aada! Get away from here- you will wait for the end of the earth to come before I ever look at your article. THAT IS NOT HOW YOU ASK FOR HELP! It might be okay in Polish, but it certainly isn't okay in English. How dare you! --sandevaj 15:43, 8 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

I'm also studying but IMHO you can correct 2 sentences... Pietras1988 15:52, 8 January 2009 (UTC)

And who are you to tell me how much time I have? You are rude! My God, and you are bold enough to speak as though I am at fault here. please refrain from writing anything on my talk page. I have nothing more to say to you. --sandevaj 15:55, 8 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

You know what, I am done! I don't need this right now. Let's see you translate the rest of those articles. --sandevaj 16:14, 8 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

Sandevaj, I've read this conversation (sorry if it's private). You don't have to translate anything you don't want to do it. There's a special page for that on Wikipedias and such a obscene vocabulary of the requester it's against Wikipedia rules. --Chabi 18:43, 8 January 2009 (UTC)Reply
Sorry but early 2 sentences I don't wrote but other stupid human... I have changed IP (is other when I switch computer) but other than this person... A lot of thanks for your help and I try know who wrote vulgarisms for you... Pietras1988 TALK 18:13, 9 January 2009 (UTC)Reply



I've tried to put in the middle of the list. --Chabi 18:57, 4 January 2009 (UTC)Reply


  1. Please, could you trasnlate this words onto Jamaican language?
  2. Africa- Afrika
  3. Antarctica- Antaatika
  4. Arctic- Aatik
  5. Asia- Ieja
  6. Europe- Yuurop
  7. Latin America- Latn Amerika
  8. Middle East- Migl Iis
  9. North America- Naat Amerika
  10. Oceania- Uoshana
  11. South America- Sout Amerika
  12. Alps- Alps
  13. Andes- Andiiz
  14. Gobi Desert- Guobi Dezort
  15. Grand Canyon- Gran Kyanyan
  16. Himalayas- Imaleyaz
  17. Mount Everest- Mount Evres
  18. Sahara- Sa'aara
  19. Art- Aat
  20. History of art- Ischri a Aat
  21. Aesthetics- Iestetiks

Thanks a lot for your help. --Chabi 19:54, 18 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

More translations

  1. Clothing- Kluoz
  2. Cooking- Kukin
  3. Color- Kola
  4. Black- Blak
  5. White- Wait
  6. Emotion- Imuoshan
  7. Anger- Angga/ Ignarant
  8. Fear- We yu fried fa
  9. Love- Lov
  10. Happiness- Apinis
  11. Family- Faambli
  12. Adult- Big Piipl
  13. Child- Pikni
  14. Infant- Tagla/ Chail
  15. Marriage- Marij
  16. Gender- Jenda
  17. Man- Man
  18. Woman- Uman
  19. Mind- Main
  20. Consciousness- Kanchosnes
  21. Thought- We yu tink bout
  22. Sleep- Sliip
  23. Dream- Driim

I'll try to end the list the next week. --Chabi 20:06, 18 January 2009 (UTC) Don't worry about it. Do what you have to do, and I will try my best. And also, I was wondering why you don't display the list of "Di nesiseri Aatikl Dem" prominently on the first page so they can be easily accessed.Reply

I've put it just near Jamiacan flag.

  1. Society- Sosaiyati
  2. Good article Culture
  3. Abortion- Abaashan
  4. Euthanasia- Yuutaniezha
  5. Suicide- Suwisaid
  6. Discrimination- Diskriminieshan
  7. Racism- Riesizm
  8. Sexism- Seksizm
  9. Education- Edyukieshan
  10. Freedom- Friidom
  11. Slavery- Slievri
  12. Globalization- Gluobalaizieshan
  13. Law- Laa
  14. Capital punishment- Kyapital Ponishment
  15. Civil rights- Sivl Rait
  16. Constitution- Kanstityuushan
  17. Crime- Kraim
  18. Justice- Jostis
  19. Police- Poliis
  20. Peace- Piis
  21. War- Waar
  22. Pollution- Paluushan
  23. Poverty- Pavati
  24. Social movement- Suoshal Muuvment
  25. Environmentalism- Envaironmentalizm
  26. Feminism- Feminizm
  27. Advertising- Advatizment
  28. Broadcasting- Braakyaas
  29. Journalism- Jornalizm
  30. Magazine- Magaziin
  31. Mass media- Mas Miidya
  32. News- Nyuuz
  33. Newspaper- Nyuuzpiepa
  34. Publishing- Poblishin

I put hear more. :)--Chabi 20:24, 18 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

More translations Translate them when you have time, please.

  1. Language- Langgwij
  2. Alphabet- Alfabet
  3. Letter- Leta
  4. Grammar- Grama
  5. Word- Wod
  6. Writing- Raitin
  7. Specific languages- Spesifik Langgwij
  8. Arabic language- Arabik langgwij
  9. Bengali language- Benggali langgwij
  10. Chinese language- Chainiiz langgwik
  11. English language- Inglish langgwij
  12. French language- French langgwij
  13. German language- Jorman langgwij
  14. Greek language- Griik langgwij
  15. Hindi- Indi
  16. Japanese language- Japaniiz langgwij
  17. Latin- Latn
  18. Portuguese language- Puotigiiz langgwij
  19. Punjabi language- Punjaabi langgwij
  20. Russian language- Roshan langgwij
  21. Sanskrit- Sanskrit langgwij
  22. Spanish language- Panish langgwij
  23. Swahili language- Swayiili langgwij
  1. Recreation- Rekrieshan
  2. Game- Giem
  3. Board game- Buod giem
  4. Chess- Ches
  5. Draughts- Draat
  6. Go- Go
  7. Mancala- Mangkaala
  8. Video game- Vidyo Giem
  9. Gambling- Gamblin
  10. Sport- Spuot
  11. Association football (soccer)- Futbaal
  12. Athletics (track and field)- Atletiks (Trak ahn Fiil)
  13. Toy- Taai
  1. Food- Fuud
  2. Bread- Bred
  3. Cheese- Chiiz
  4. Fruit- Fruut
  5. Grain- Grien
  6. Maize- Kaam
  7. Meat- Miit
  8. Oat- Uotz
  9. Potato- Pitieto
  10. Rice- Rais
  11. Soybean- Saayabiin
  12. Vegetable- Vejitebl
  13. Wheat- Wiit
  14. Beer- Biif
  15. Coffee- Kafi
  16. Drinking water- Jrinkin Waata
  17. Milk- Milk
  18. Tea- Tii
  19. Wine- Wain
  1. Technology- Teknaliji
  2. History of technology- Ischri a teknaliji
  3. Engineering- Injinierin
  4. Artificial intelligence- Aatifishal inteligens
  5. Biotechnology- Baiyoteknaliji
  6. Genetic engineering- Jinetik Injinierin
  7. Nuclear technology- Nuuklier Teknaliji
  8. Tool- Tuul
  9. Electricity- Ilekchrisiti
  10. Geothermal power- Jiyotormal powa
  11. Hydropower- Waata Powa
  12. Nuclear power- Nuuklier powa
  13. Petroleum- Pechuoliom
  14. Solar energy- Suola Enaji
  15. Wind power- Win Powa
  16. Electronics- Ilekchraniks
  17. Battery- Bachri
  18. Capacitor- Kapasita
  19. Diode- Daiyuod
  20. Incandescent light bulb- Inkyandesent Bolb
  21. Integrated circuit- Intigrietid Sorkit
  22. Semiconductor- Semikandokta
  23. Transistor- Chranzista
  1. Electrocardiogram-Ilekchrokaadiogram
  2. Magnetic resonance imaging- Magnetik Rezonans Imijin
  3. Pasteurization- Pascharaiziehan
  4. Refrigerator- Frij
  5. Stove- Stuov
  6. X-ray- Ex-rie
  1. Calendar- Kalenda
  2. Clock- Klak
  3. Compass- Kompas
  4. Global Positioning System- Gluobal Pozishanin Sistim
  5. Gyroscope- Jairoskuop
  6. Pendulum- Pendilom
  7. Radar- Riedaar
  8. Sonar- Suonaar
  9. Sundial- Dondaiyal

Thanks a lot for your help.

More translations

  1. Navigation and timekeeping- Navigieshan an Kipin Taim
  2. Religion- Rilijan
  3. Deity- Diiti
  4. God- Gad
  5. Goddess- Gades
  6. Mythology- Mitalaji
  7. Mysticism- Mistisizm
  8. Soul- Suol
  9. Spirituality- Pirichualiti
  10. Meditation- Meditieshan
  11. Prayer- Praiya
  12. Worship- Worship
  13. Yoga- Yuoga
  14. Theistic philosophies- Tiistik filasifi
  15. Theism- Tiizm
  16. Agnosticism- Agnastisizm
  17. Atheism- Ietiizm
  18. Deism- Diizm
  19. Gnosticism- Nastisizm
  20. Pantheism- Pantiizm
  21.   Bahá'í Faith- Ba'ai Fiet
  22.    Buddhism- Budaizm
    1. Mahayana- Mahayaana
    2. Theravada- Teravaada
    3. Vajrayana- Vajrayaana
  23.    Christianity- Kristiyaniti
    1.   Bible- Baibl
    2.   Christian Church- Kristiyan Choch
    3.   Roman Catholic Church- Ruoman Kyaklik Choch
    4.   Eastern Orthodox Church- Iistan Aatadax Choch
    5.   Protestantism- Protestantizm
    6.    Pope- Puop
  24.    Hinduism- Induizm
    1. Bhagavad Gita- Bagavad Jiita
    2. Krishna- Krishna
    3. Upanishads- Yupanishad
    4. Vedas- Viedaz
  25.   Islam- Izlam
    1.   Mosque- Mask
    2. Five pillars of Islam- Faiv pila a Izlam
    3. Divisions of Islam- Divijan a Izlam
    4. Qur'an- Koran
  26. Jainism- Jienizm
  27.   Judaism- Juudaizm
    1. Tanakh- Tanak
  28. Shinto- Shinto
  29.   Sikhism- Sikizm
    1. Guru Granth Sahib- Guuru Granth Sahib
  30.   Taoism- Touizm
  31. Voodoo- Obiya
  32.   Zoroastrianism- Zuoraschrianizm
  33.   Philosophy- Filasifi
  34. Philosophical branches - Di Filasafikal Branch Dem
    1. Ethics - Etiks
    2.   Epistemology- Epistimalaji
      1. Belief- Biliif
      2.   Knowledge- Nalij
      3.   Truth- Chuut
    3.   Logic- Lajik
    4.   Metaphysics- Metafiziks
      1.   Existence- Egzistens
      2. Ontology- Antalaji
      3.   Free will- Frii Wil
  35. Philosophy by region and period - Filasifi bai Riijan an Piiriyad
    1. Western philosophy- Westan Filasifi
      1. Greek philosophy- Griik Filasifi
      2.   Medieval philosophy Midiival Filasifi
      3. Contemporary philosophy Kantemporari Filasifi
    2. Eastern philosophy Iistan Filasifi
      1. Chinese philosophy Chainiiz Filasifi
      2. Indian philosophy Indiyan Filasifi
      3. Islamic philosophyIzlamik Filasifi
  36. Philosophical movements Filasafikal Muuvment
    1. Confucianism Kanfuushanizm
    2.   Existentialism- Egzistenshalizm
    3. Idealism- Idiiyalizm
    4. Hedonism- Iidonizm
    5.   Humanism- Yuumanizm
    6.   Marxism- Maaxizm
    7.   Nihilism- Nihilizm
    8. Rationalism- Rashanalizm
    9. Philosophical realism- Filasafikal Riyalizm
    10. Skepticism- Skeptisizm

Thanks a lot for your help. --Chabi 19:01, 26 January 2009 (UTC)Reply


  1. Business- Bizniz
  2.     Economics- Ikanamix
    1. Good- Gudz
    2. Service (economics)- Saavis
    3.   Supply and demand- Soplai an Dimaan
  3. Company- Kompini
  4. Corporation- Kaaparieshan
  5. Finance- Finans
  6. Industry- Indoschri
    1.   Agriculture- Agrikolcha
    2. Manufacturing- Manyufakcharin
    3. Mining- Mainin
  7. Market- Maakit
  8. Marketing- Maakitin
  9.   Money- Moni
    1.    Euro- Yuuro
    2. Japanese yen- Japaniiz Yen
    3.    Pound sterling- Poun Storlin
    4. Renminbi- Renmimbi
    5. United States dollar- Yunaitid Stiet Dala
  10.   Tax- Tax
  11.    Trade- Chried
  1.    Argentina- Aajentiina
  2.   Australia- Aschrieliya
  3.   Austria- Aschriya
  4.   Bangladesh- Banggladesh
  5.   Belgium- Beljiom
  6.    Brazil- Brazil
  7.    Burma- Borma
  8.   Canada- Kyanada
  9.    People's Republic of China- Di Piipl Dem Ripoblik a Chaina
  10.    Colombia- Kolombiya
  11.   Democratic Republic of the Congo- Demakratik Ripoblik a di Konggo
  12.    Denmark- Denmaak
  13.    Egypt- Iijip
  14.   Ethiopia- Itiyuopiya
  15.   Finland- Finlan
  16.    France- Frans
  17.   Germany- Jormani
  18.   Greece- Griis
  19.   India- Indiya
  20.   Indonesia- Indoniizha
  21.    Iran- Iran
  22.    Iraq- Irak
  23.    Republic of Ireland- Ripoblik a Airilan
  24.   Israel- Izrel
  25.   Italy- Itali
  26.   Japan- Japan
  27.     Mexico- Mexiko
  28.   Netherlands- Nedalanz
  29.   Nigeria- Naijiiriya
  30.   Norway- Naawie
  31.   Pakistan- Pakistan
  32.    Philippines- Filipiinz
  33.   Poland- Puolan
  34.    Russia- Rosha
  35.    Saudi Arabia- Saadi Ariebiya
  36.    Singapore- Singgapuor
  37.    South Africa- Sout Afrika
  38.    South Korea- Sout Koriya
  39.   Spain- Spien
  40.    Sweden- Swiidn
  41.    Switzerland- Switsalan
  42.    Republic of China (Taiwan)- Ripoblik a Chaina- Taiwan
  43.   Thailand- Tailan
  44.   Turkey- Torki
  45.    Ukraine- Yuukrien
  46.    United Kingdom- Yunaitid Kindom
  47.     United States- Yunaitid Stiet
  48.   Vietnam- Vietnam
  1.   Transport- Chranspuot
  2.   Vehicle- Viikl
  3.   Aircraft- Plien
  4.   Automobile- Kyaar
  5.    BicycleBaisikl
  6.   Elevator- Elivieta
  7.   Helicopter- Elikyapta
  8.   Motorcycle- Baik
  9.   Train- Chrien
  10. Information technology- Infamieshan Teknaliji
  11.   Abacus- Abakos
  12.   Calculator- Kyalkilieta
  13.    Computer- Kompyuuta
  14.   Cryptography- Kriptografi
  15.   Camera- Kyamra
  16.   Glasses- Glaas
  17.   Laser- Lieza
  18.   Lens- Lenz
  19.   Microscope- Maikroskuop
  20.   Prism- Prizm
  21.   Telescope- Teliskuop
  22.   Telecommunication- Telikomyuunikieshan
  23.   E-mail- Iimiel
  24.   Internet- Intanet
  25.   Microphone- Maik
  26.   Mobile phone- Selfuon
  27.   Printing press- Printin Pres
  28.   Printing- Printin
  29.   Radio- Riediyo
  30.   Telephone- Telifuon
  31.    Television- Tiivii
  32.    Typewriter- Taipraita
  33.   Video- Vidyo
  34.    World Wide Web Worl Waid Web
    1. Navigation and timekeeping- Navigieshan an Kipim Taim
  35. Calendar- Kalenda
  36. Clock- Klak
  37. Compass- Kompas
  38. Global Positioning System- Gluobal Pozishan Sistim
  39. Gyroscope- Jairoskuop
  40. Pendulum- Pendilom
  41.   Radar- Rieda
  42. Sonar- Suona
  43. Sundial- Sondaiyal
  1. Weapon- Wepan
  2. Artillery- Aatileri
  3. Bow- Buo
  4. Firearm- Faiya-aam
  5. Handgun- Angon
  6. Knife- Naif
  7. Machine gun- Mashiin Gon
  8.    Nuclear weapon- Nyuuklier Wepan
  9. Rifle- Raifl
  10. Sword0 Suod
  11.   Submarine- Sobmariin
  12.   Tank- Tank
  13. Candle- Kyanggl
  14. Fire- Faiya
  15. Explosive material- Expluosiv Matiiral
    1. Dynamite- Dandimait
    2. Gasoline- Gyas
    3. Gunpowder- Gonpowda
  16. Metallurgy- Metalorji
  17. Plastic- Plastik
  18. Rubber- Roba
  19.   Hubble Space Telescope- Hobble Spies Teleskuopr
  20.   International Space Station- Intanashinal Spies Stieshan
  21.   Moon landing
  22.   Rocket- Rakit
  23.   Satellite- Satalait
  24.   Space Shuttle- Spies Shokl
  25. Space station- Spies Stieshan

We're going to finish very early. --Chabi 15:35, 27 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

Other translations

  1.   Mathematics- Matamatix
  2. Constant- Kanstant
    1.   Pi- Pai
    2.   e- ii
  3.   Number- Nomba
    1.   Complex number- Komplex nomba
    2.   Integer- Intija
    3.   Natural number- Nachral nomba
    4.   Number theory- Nomba Tiyori
    5.   Prime number- Praim nomba
    6.   Rational number- Rashanal nomba
    7.   Real number- Riil nomba
  4.   Arithmetic- Aritmatik
    1.   Addition- Adishan
    2. Subtraction- Mainos
    3. Multiplication-Moltiplai
    4.   Division- Divijan
    5.   Fraction- Frakshan
    6. Percentage- Porsent
    7.   Exponentiation- Exponenshieshan
    8.   Square root- Skwier Ruut
  5. Combinatorics- Kombinechraniks
  6. Digit- Dijit
  7. Equation- Ikwiezhan
  8.   Function- Fonkshan
  9.   Logarithm- Lagaridm
  10. Variable- Vieriebl
  11.   Algebra- Aljibra
  12.    Linear algebra- Linier Aljibra
    1.   Matrix- Mietrix


  1.   Mathematical analysis- Matamatikal Analisis
    1.   Calculus- Kyalkyulos
    2. Differential equation- Difrenshal Ikwiezhan
    3.   Infinity- Infiniti
    4.   Limit- Limit
    5. Probability- Prabebiliti
    6.    Statistics- Statistiks
  2.   Chaos theory- Kieas Tiori
  3.    Game theory- Giem tiori
  4.   Geometry- Jaamechri
    1.   Angle- Anggl
    2. Area- Ieriya
    3. Coordinates- Kaadinet
    4.   Dimension- Dimenshan
    5. Line- Lain
    6. Plane- Plien
    7. Point- Paint
    8. Shape- Shiep
      1.   Circle- Serkl
      2.   Cube- Kyuub
      3.   Sphere- Sfier
      4. Square- Skwier
      5.    Triangle- Chraianggl
    9. Volume- Valyum
  5. Mathematical proof- Matamatikal Pruuf
  6.   Series- Siiriz
  7.   Set- Set
  8.   Topology- Tapalaji
  9.   Trigonometry- Triganamechri
  1. Measurement- Mejament
  2.   Metric system- Mechrik Sistim
  3.   International System of Units- Intanashinal Sistim a di Yuunit Dem
  4. Imperial unit- Impiiriyal Yuunit
  5. Time- Taim
    1.   Second- Sekan
    2.   Day- Die
    3. Year- Ier
  6. Length- Lent
    1. Foot- Fut
    2. Kilometer- Kilamita
    3.   Metre- Miita
    4.   Mile- Mail
  7. Angle- Anggl
    1.   Degree- Digrii
    2. Radian- Riediyan


  1. Volume- Valyum
    1.   Litre- Liita
  2.   Mass- Mas
    1.   Weight- Wiet
    2.   Kilogram- Kilagram
    3.   Pound- Poun
    4.   Ton- Ton
  3. Temperature- Tempricha
    1.   Celsius- Selsios
    2. Fahrenheit- Farinait
  4. Force- Fuos
    1. Newton- Nyuutan
  5. Power- Powa
    1. Watt- Wat
  6. Electromagnetism- Ilekchromagnetizm
    1. Ampere- Ampier
    2. Volt- Vuolt
    3. Ohm- Uom
  1.   Politics- Palitiks
  2. Government- Govament
  3.   Capitalism- Kyapitalizm
  4. Socialism- Suoshalizm
  5. Civics- Siviks
    1.    Anarchism- Anaakizm
    2. Communism- Komyunizm
    3. Democracy- Demakrisi
    4. Dictatorship- Diktietaship
    5. Fascism- Fasizm
    6. Monarchy- Manaaki
    7. Theocracy- Tiokrasi
  6. Conservatism- Kansorvetizm
  7.    Liberalism- Libaralizm
  8.   Diplomacy- Diplomasi
  9. Imperialism- Impiiriyalizm
  10. Military- Milichri
  11. Nationalism- Nashinalizm
  12. State- Stiet
  13. Specific political and governmental institutions- Palitikal ahn Gobament Instityuushan
    1.    European Union- Yuuropiyan Yuuniyan
    2.   International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement- Red Kraas ahn Red Kresent Muuvment
    3.   NATO- NATO
    4.   Nobel Prize- Nuobl Praiz
    5.   OPEC- OPEC
    6.   United Nations- Yuunatid Nieshan
      1. World Health Organization- Worl Elt Aaganaizieshan
      2. World Trade Organization- Worl Chried Aaganizieshan
  1. Social sciences- Suoshal Saiyans
    1.    Anthropology - Anchrapaliji
    2. Political science- Palitikal Saiyans
    3.    Psychology- Saikaliji
    4.    Sociology- Suosiolaji
  1.   Science- Saiyans
  2.     History of science- Ischri a Saiyans
  3.   Nature- Niecha
  4. Philosophy of science- Filasifi a Saiyans
  5. Scientific method- Saiyantifik Metad
  1.   Astronomy- Aschranimi
  2.   Asteroid- Astaraid
  3.   Big Bang- Big Bang
  4.   Comet- Komit
  5.   Eclipse- Iklips
  6.   Galaxy- Gyalixi
    1.   Milky Way- Milki Wie
  7.   Natural satellite- Nachral Satilait
  8.   Orbit- Aabit
  9.   Outer space- Outa Spies
  10.   Physical cosmology- Fizikl Kazmitaliji
  11.   Planet- Planit
  12.   Solar System- Suola Sistim
    1.   Sun- Son
    2.   Mercury- Morkyuri
    3.   Venus- Viinos
    4.   Earth- Ort
      1.   Moon- Muun
    5.   Mars- Maaz
    6.   Asteroid belt- Astaraid Belt
    7.   Jupiter- Jupita
    8.   Saturn- Satorn
    9.   Uranus- Yuurienos
    10.   Neptune- Neptyuun
  13.   Star- Staar
  14.   Supernova- Suupanuova
  15.     Universe- Yuunivors
  1.     Biology- Bailoji
  2.   Life- Laif
  3.   Abiogenesis- Abaiyojenisis
  4.   Anatomy- Anatimi
    1.   Brain- Brien
    2. Gastrointestinal tract- Gaschroyintestinal Trak
    3.   Heart- Aat
    4.   Immune system- Imyuun Sistim
    5.   Lung- Longz
    6. Skeleton- Skelitan
  5.   Reproduction- Riprodokshan
    1.   Pregnancy- Pregnansi
    2.   Sex- Sex
  6.   Botany- Botani
  7.   Cell (biology)- Sel
  8.   Ecology- Ikalaji
    1. Ecosystem- Iikosistim
  9.   Evolution- Evoluushan
    1.   Natural selection- Nachral Silekshan
  10.   Genetics- Jinetiks
    1.   DNA- DNA
    2.   Gene- Jiin
    3. Heredity- Erediti
  11.   Organism-Aaganizm
    1.   Animal- Animal
      1.   Amphibian- Amfibiyan
      2.   Bird- Bord
      3.   Dinosaur- Dainasuor
      4.   Fish- Fish
      5.    Insect- Insek
      6.   Mammal- Mamal
        1.   Cattle- Kou
        2.   Cat- Pus
        3.   Dog- Daag
        4.   Horse- Aas
        5.    Human- Yuuman
      7.   Reptile- Reptail
    2.   Archaea- Aakiya
    3.   Bacteria- Baktiiriya
    4.   Fungus- Fonggos
    5.   Plant- Plaant (Chrii)
      1.   Flower- Flowaz
      2. Tree- Chrii
    6. Protist- Pruotis
  12.   Species- Spiishi
  13. Zoology- Zuulaji

Thanks for your help. In a few days we could finish this list. --Chabi 18:11, 29 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

The last ones

  1.   Chemistry- Kimischri
  2.   Biochemistry- Baiyokimischri
  3.   Organic chemistry- Aaganik Kimischri
  4.   Inorganic chemistry- Inaaganik Kimischri
  5.   Acid- Asid
  6. Alloy- Alaai
    1. Bronze- Branz
    2.   Steel- Stiil
  7.   Atom- Atom
  8. Base- Bies
  9. Catalysis- Kyatalisis
  10. Chemical bond- Kemikal Ban
  11. Chemical compound- Kemikal Kompoun
    1. Alcohol- Alkowal
    2.   Carbon dioxide- Kaaan Diayaxaid
    3. Oil- Ail
    4. Salt- Saalt
    5.   Water- Waata
  12. Chemical element- Kemikal Eliment
    1.   Aluminium- Aluminom
    2. Carbon- Kaaban
    3.   Copper- Kapa
    4. Gold- Guol
    5.   Helium- Iiliyom
    6.   Hydrogen- Aijrojin
    7. Iron- Aiyan
    8. Nitrogen- Naichrojin
    9.   Oxygen- Axijin
    10. Silicon- Silikan
    11. Silver- Silva
    12. Sulfur- Solfa
    13.   Uranium- Yurieniom
  13. Chemical reaction- Kemikal Riakshan
  14. Crystal- Kristal
  15. Electrolysis- Ilekchralisis
  16.   Glass- Glaas
  17. Ion- Aiyan
  18. Metal- Metal
  19. Mineral- Minaral
  20. Molecule- Malikyuul
  21.   Periodic table- Piiriadik Tiebl
  1. Earth science- Ort Saiyans
  2.   History of Earth- Ischri a di Ort
  3.   Geology- Jaaloji
    1.   Avalanche- Avalanch
    2. Crust- Kros
    3.   Earthquake- Ortkwiek
    4. Erosion- Iruozhan
    5.   Geologic fault- Jaalojikal faalt
    6.   Magma- Magma
    7.   Mantle- Mangkl
    8.     Plate tectonics- Pliet Tektanik
    9.   Volcano- Volkieno
  4.   Earth's atmosphere- Di Atmosfier a di Ort
    1.   Climate- Klaimit
    2.   Cloud- Kloud
    3.   Flood- Flod
    4.   Global warming- Gluobal Waamin
    5.   Meteorology- Miitaraliji
    6.   Rain- Rien
    7.   Tornado- Taaniedo
    8.   Tropical cyclone- Trapikal Saikluon
    9.   Weather- Weda
  5. Oceanography- Uoshanagrifi
  1.     Physics- Fizix
  2.   Particle physics- Paatikl Fizix
    1.   Standard Model- Tandad Magl
    2.   Subatomic particle- Sobatamik paatikl
      1.   Electron- Ilekchran
      2.   Neutrino- Nyuuchriino
      3.   Neutron- Nyuuchran
      4.   Photon- Fuotan
      5.   Proton- Pruotan
  3.   Classical mechanics- Klasikal mekyanix
    1.   Kinematics- Kinimatix
    2.   Newton's laws of motion- Newton laa dem a muoshan
  4.   Energy- Enaji
    1.   Kinetic energy- Kinetik Enaji
    2. Potential energy- Potenshal Enaji
  5.   Force- Fuos
    1.   Electromagnetism- Ilekchromagnetizm
    2.    Gravitation- Gravitieshan
    3.   Strong interaction- Chrang Intarakshan
    4.   Weak interaction- Fengke Fengke Intarakshan
  6.   Heat- Iit
    1.   Temperature- Tempricha
  7.    Light- Lait
    1.   Electromagnetic radiation- Ilekchromagnetik Riedieshan
    2.    Speed of light- Spiid a lait
    3.   Visible spectrum- Visibl Spekchrom
  8.   Mass- Mas
    1.   Weight- Wiet
  9. Matter- Mata
  10. Motion- Muoshan
  11.   Quantum mechanics- Kwantom Mekyanix
  12.    Sound- Soun
  13. Space- Spies
  14.   Thermodynamics- Tormodainamix
  15.    Theory of relativity- Relitiviti Tiori
  16.    Time- Taim


  1.   Disease- Diziiz
  2.   Alzheimer's disease- Aalzaimaz Diziiz
  3.   Cancer- Kyansa
  4.    Cholera- Kalara
  5.    Common cold- Kaman kuol
  6.  Diabetes mellitus- Shuga
  7. Dysentery- Disnchri
  8.   Influenza- Influenza
  9.   Malaria- Malieriya
  10.  Parkinson's disease - Paakinsn Diziiz
  11.  Sexually transmitted disease- Sexuali Chansmitid Diziiz
    1.   AIDS- AIDS (Iedz)
    2.  Syphilis- Sifilis
  12.  Smallpox- Smaalpax
  13.   Tuberculosis- Tuubakaluosis
  1.  Health- Elt
  2. Physical fitness- Fizikal Fitnis
    1. Exercise- Eksasaiz
    2. Hygiene- Aijiin
    3.  Obesity- Fatnis
    4.  Stress- Chres
  3.  Addiction- Adikshan
  4.  Drug- Jrogz
  5.   Nutrition- Nuchrishan
  1.  Medicine- Medisn
  2.  Birth control- Bort Kanchuol
  3.  Coma- Kuoma
  4.  Disability- Disabiliti
    1.   Autism- Aatizm
    2.  Blindness- Blainis
    3.  Hearing impairment- Def
    4.  Mental illness- Mental Siknis
  5. Physical trauma- Fizikal Chraama
    1.  Aneurysm- Anyurizm
    2.  Bone fracture- Buon frakcha
    3. Brain damage- Brien Damij
    4.  Burn- Bon injri
    5.  Cardiac arrest- Aat Atak
    6.  Frostbite- Frasbait
    7.  Bleeding- Bliidn
    8.  Inflammation- Inflamieshan
    9. Respiratory failure- Rispiriechri Fielya
    10.  Shock- Shak
    11.  Stroke- Schruok
  6. Medication- Medikieshan
    1.  Antibiotic- Antobaiyatik
    2.  Vaccine- Vaksiin
  7.  Physician- Fizishan

--Chabi 22:44, 29 January 2009 (UTC)This are the las ones.Reply



I've forgotten this part of the list:

Mechanical and structural engineering - Mekyanikal an Schrokchral Injinierin

  1.   Mechanical engineering- Mekyanikal Injinierin
  2.   Engine- Injin
    1.   Electric motor- Ilekchik Muoto
    2.   Internal combustion engine- - Intornal Komboshan Injin
    3.    Jet engine- Jet Injin
    4.   Steam engine- Stiim Injin
  3. Inclined plane- Inklain Plien
  4.   Lever- Liiva
  5. Pulley- Puli
  6.    Robot- Robot
  7. Wheel- Wiil
  8. Arch- Aach
  9.   Bridge- Brij
  10.   Canal- Kyanal
  11.   Dam- Dam
  12. Dome- Duom
  13. House- Ous
  14.   Pyramid- Piramid
  15. Tower- Towa

--Chabi 12:52, 30 January 2009 (UTC)Reply

To start...


Hi! We've finish the list of articles. Now, we have to start doing the articles that are there. When you start and article, be sure that it has the code "Wp/jam/", because I'm trying to put it on all of them. Start doing articles about people (the first ones) because all of them have the code.

Apart form this, have you seen if the interface in Jamaican is completed? --Chabi 16:36, 30 January 2009 (UTC)Reply


  1. Here you've forgotten to translate the word Ulysses. I've put it but I do'nt know if there's any trasnlation onton Jamaican.

I chose not to translate it, because it is the proper name of a book, which we don't have in the Jamaican Language. Similarly to how I didn't translate Finnegan's Wake. Do you think I should?

. No. It's let it be like know. --Chabi 16:14, 2 February 2009 (UTC)Reply
  1. What's the translation of English? hIngglish or Ingglish? --Chabi 15:29, 2 February 2009 (UTC)Reply

Good question. I am afraid I cannot give you a definite answer. The 'h' before words that begin with a vowel is used for emphasis, and to my knowledge is only used when writing prose, but is not a part of the noun itself. Yocahuna might disagree- I can't be too sure. I don't use it, because as I said, it's used mostly for emphasis, and is not always represented in speech- at least not at all times.

--sandevaj 16:04, 2 February 2009 (UTC)Reply

Chabi, I had started translating the interface, but it has been such a long time that I have forgotten how to get bak to the site. Could you remind me pleasE? --sandevaj 16:19, 5 July 2009 (UTC)Reply

Personal request


I know you're very occupied but, please, could you translate this article onto Jamaican language, when you'll have time? --Chabi 16:22, 2 February 2009 (UTC)Reply



Sari sa fi kaaz eni prablem. Mi niuu tu dis so mi no riili kechaan gud yet. Si wid mi.

--Yocahuna 04:08, 11 February 2009 (UTC)Reply



Hi! Could you please translate this to Jamaican language?

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Please could you trasnlate this phrases I've put it here? --Chabi 16:56, 19 February 2009 (UTC)Reply

__________________ Chabi, here is the translation. Sorry this is so late.

  • Dis ya aatikl ya a wahn stob. Elp Wikipedia an expan pan i de.
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  • Dis ya mek-sepret piej lis aatikl we av di siem taikl. Ef wahn intornal lingk kyaa yu yaso, yu mait waahn fi chienj di lingk fi paint yu direk a di sekan aatikl. [6]

Deletion requests


Could you please give a reason for the deletion requests on wp/jam pages? --MF-W {a, b} 17:28, 13 February 2009 (UTC)Reply



Please don't forget to prefix the pages you create! Thanks, SPQRobin 15:47, 5 July 2009 (UTC)Reply

I don't understand your question. You have to create pages with "Wp/jam/Page title", and you can rename unprefixed pages using the "move" tab. Thanks, SPQRobin 17:35, 5 July 2009 (UTC)Reply

Advertising Wp/jam


Hi Sandevaj,

Looks like the jam wiki is in a development hole with a two-person-only community (you and User:Yocahuna).

What about advertising it a little? To the Gleaner (at least once the Dudus thing is resolved one way or the other)? Or to the University of Technology? -Mkratz 12:46, 11 June 2010 (UTC)Reply

Jamaican Wiki


Please, answer what do you think about the situation with the Jamaican Wikipedia here--Andrijko Z. 17:03, 28 January 2011 (UTC)Reply

Could you please look at...


Talk:Wp/jam/Mien_Piej#Mi_look_at_di_front_page_again... -- I think this editor might be useful for the "jam" project, but they have raised some questions which could be answered, but which I don't know the answers to. Russavia (talk) 05:39, 21 September 2012 (UTC)Reply