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en:ISO_639 Alpha-4 ID Results Alpha-4 ID Alpha-4 Parent ID Language Reference Name bbnt vlss Brabants [1] [2]



"Brabantian" is the name of a sub language of dutch no teaching / no current literary works theather, film and televison

  • spoken by

Provincie Antwerpen 1.744.862 Provincie Vlaams-Brabant 1.076.924 80% speak brabants brussels 1.200.000 15 % speak brabants Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen 1.432.326 Provincie Nooord brabant 2482 000 provincie gelderland 2020000 of which 60 % zuid gelderland

Provincie West-Vlaanderen 1.159.366 westvlans Provincie Limburg 838.505 [[linburgs] prvincie nederlands limburg 1119000 omitting plat deutsh and allemanisch on the east of limburg Provincie zeeland 380.735 zeeuws

nl:File:Dutch-dialects.svg nl: Nederlandse_dialecten

  • histroic importance of Brabants

16th century migration / reformation / standaridsation of dutch / stopped production of literature west vlaasm an limburg continued

Currently wikiprojects exist for

There are at least 500.000 speakers of Picard, without counting speakers from Belgium (French Wikipedia on Picard) The particularity of culture in North of France is as differenciated from French as those in Alsace, Basque country or Britain. Successful movies (Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis) have been made in this language. This language has been a literary language in this area for hundreds if not thousands of years. There are several hundred thousand speakers in a first world country. I can forsee nothing but success for this unique language. I think it will go the way of Flemish, Walloon or Lower Sobian, hazah!Qrc2006 18:09, 10 August 2008 (UTC) - 1) Picard is a language spoken by a lot of people in the north-west of France and in Wallonia (Belgium) - 2) you have books, theatres, songs in picard - 3) you have researchers working on picard in French universities and universities in Belgium but also in universities of England ( London Metropolitan University ), Canada or USA ( University of Indiana )... --- > so it is necessary to open a pcd wikipedia!