Мый тунемше Австрий гыч улам. Изиш марла кутерем да полшынем. Шуко йоҥылышым ыштем, садлан кӧра пеш изи статья-блакым возем. Кузе сайынрак полшас палет гын, каласыя мыланем!


I am a university student from Vienna, Austria. I've graduated in computer science, and am currently working on my degree in finno-ugric linguistics (Estonian, Finnish, Meadow Mari).

I want to do what I can to help the Mari wikipedia come into existence, but as my Mari is quite limited, I am sticking to creating "structures" for now - creating VERY short articles, with the hope that native speakers of Mari will profit from not having to create articles on these topics, and not having to worry about all the tags and the such.

If you have any other ideas as to how I could help the Mari wikipedia, please let me know!

Other Mari-related projects I am currently working on can be found here: [http://mari.finno-ugristik.at]