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Description copied from en:Wikipedia:CheckUser on 21 August 2018.
The CheckUser tool is a special function on wikis allowing its users to query the Wikimedia servers to determine the IP addresses used by a Wikimedia user account, as well as other technical data stored by the server about a user account or IP address. People with the right to use this tool use it to establish whether two or more accounts are being operated by one individual or group of people, and then to protect Wikimedia projects against disruptive or abusive behaviour.

  • For information on CheckUser policy, click here.
  • Incubator does not have local CheckUsers:
  • If you have a concern about sockpuppetry on Incubator, consider contacting the administrators first. We may have some insights as to what is happening, or may be able to address your concerns without relying on a CheckUser exercise.
  • Otherwise, to have a CheckUser query run, contact a steward at meta:Steward requests/Checkuser.

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