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These codes represent collections of languages. See Codes here appear in ISO 639–2 and/or ISO 639–5, not ISO 639–3, so under Language proposal policy, none of these codes are valid for starting new Wikimedia projects.

  • The last working test with a collective code was closed in February 2018.
  • As for the three existing wikis that use such codes, although they presently continue to use such codes, we intend to move them to other codes over time:
  1. Bihari Wikipedia: Their community has requested to rename to Bhojpuri Wikipedia using, see phab:T41968, note that ISO 639-1 bh is deprecated in 2021, and now this named collective languages only has ISO 639-2 bih;
  2. Nahuatl Wikipedia and Wiktionary: This problem is very complex. See discussions on Incubator at Category talk:Incubator:Nahuatl languages and on Meta-Wiki at m:Requests for comment/Rename nah.wikipedia to nci.wikipedia.

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