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Mahanru/Makahanru! Mi'u'un to
Wikipedia ti Taivoan
Taivoan Wikipidia
with 1,181 articles

Tautau ti Taivoan to Siaolin.
Mahanru, ata ta Wikipedia to rara ka maka-Taivoan!

'epungan ta Wikipedia kata ka agu-1,181 ato nini ki lbalbah.

Hiro ka a'ailpuhen ho samolat to rara ka maka-Taivoan, mairingaya ko to lam imianan!

歡迎大家一起參與大武壠語維基百科的撰寫與整理,目前我們已經有 1,181 篇文章。等到條目數量達到了維基百科的要求標準,大武壠語維基百科就會獲准成立!

因為這是試驗中的維基百科,因此任何文章的標題都請使用 [[|Wp/tvx/文章標題]] 的樣式。比如「Taivoan」此條目的標題就是 [[Wp/tvx/Taivoan]]。

Welcome! This is Wikipedia Taivoan, a dormant language of a group of indigenous people in Southern Taiwan! As a project of language revival, anyone with any knowledge of Taivoan language is encouraged to contribute to this wikipedia. The title of any new article here should be [[Wp/tvx/Title_of_the_Article]] as this is just a test project, e.g. the article ""Taivoan"" should be titled [[Wp/tvx/Taivoan]].

Now we have 1,181 articles in Taivoan Wikipedia. Please help us expand the numbers of the articles so that it can be approved as a formal Wikipedia.

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