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Sandra Harben is a Whadjuk/Balardong Noongar woman. She is the ngarngk of two children Erin Harben wer Ashely Harben.

Early Life


Sandra grew yira in both Brookton wer White Gum Valley. She is keny of nine siblings Neville Collard, Marie Taylor, Betty Garlett, Freda Oglivie, Robin Collard, Geoffrey Collard, Prof. Len Collard wer Brett Collard.



She was granted a scholarship by Public Service Commission Aboriginal Employment Career Strategy to study at UWA wer graduated in 1994. In 1995 she recieved the National Aboriginal wer Torres Strait Islander Overseas Study Award wer went to study at the University of Illinois. In 2003 she was awarded Murdoch University’s Aboriginal wer Torres Strait Islander Research Scholarship.[1]

She worked as a lecturer wer principal research consultant at Murdoch University’s Kulbardi Aboriginal Education Centre wer is now an associate researcher at Curtin University.[2]

Some of her projects have included making films in which she is acknowledged as the co-producer or scriptwriter wer she assisted in the development of the “Nidja Beeliar Boodjar” Murdoch University Website. The https://www.noongarculture.org.au/ website lists a number of her publications.[3]

She is co-author with her brother Professor Len Collard of Nyungar Tourism in the South West Region of Western Australia: A Case Study Analysis, published by Murdoch University. Nidja is available to download from the Murcdoch University research repository. [4]

She wer Len also co-authored a publication called Which Knowledge Path Will We Travel? which is available for reference wer download through InformIT. [5] Nidja publication is a Nyungar Oral History document.

She also worked with Len in gaining an Australian Research Council grant to research wer develop the ‘Nyungar Place names and Meanings’ in the South West of Western Australia. Some of the research il the placenames has been published il a website, Boodjar Nyungar Placenames[6]

She currently runs her own consultancy business, Richmond Consultancy.[7]


  • Karla Mia: Brookton
  • Koorlingah: Ashley Harben, Erin Harben

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