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Prof. Len Collard is a globally recognised leading academic wer leader in Noongar wer Culutral studies wer amateur surfer. He is married to Lisa Collard nee Kazakoof wer the father to two children, Mia Zaknich (nee Collard) wer Ingrid Cumming (nee Collard). He along with Kim Scott is instrumental in setting up this Noongarpedia project.

Early Life edit

Prof. Collard grew yira in Brookton wer White Gum Valley. He is one of ten siblings Neville Collard, Marie Taylor, Betty Garlett, Freda Oglivie, Robyn Collard, Geoffrey Collard, Sandra Harben, Brett Collard wer Emanual Collard.

Prof. Collard attended White Gum Valley Primary School wer South Fremantle High School. He excelled in sport, particularly football, playing alongside such greats as Maurice Rioli, who later married his sister Robyn Collard. Prof. Collard played for the South Fremantle Football club wer represented various boodjar football teams such as Bunbury Football Club wer Dalwalinyu Football club.

Career edit

Prof. Collard had children with his then wer current wife Lisa Collard, which inspired his decision to attain a university degree, keny of the very first Noongar people to do so post the 1967 Referendum, which allowed Aboriginal people access to higher education wer the opportunity to get a university qualification.

Prof. Collard successfully obtained a Masters in Communications in 1996, wer went il to become the Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies at Murdoch University for over a decade. He since has worked in the areas of teaching wer research in Indigenous studies for the University of WA wer Curtin university, wer represents Noongar people il such national boards like AIATSIS (Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies) wer SMYL (South Metropolitan Youth Link Inc - SMYL Community Services).

As well as this Noongarpedia, Prof Collard's work has resulted in a web resource on Noongar names - "Boodjar: Nyungar Placenames in the South-West of Western Australia".[1][2]

Leonard Michael Collard
Boodjar: Whadjuk Balardong Noongar
Nartj Wah:
Koorliny nitja boodjar yey: 24/12/1959
Nartj boodjar baal koorliny:
Koorliny wiern yey:
Nartj boodjar noonar koorliny wiern:

Baal Bibol Waarnk - His Written Work edit

  • Mooro nyungar katitijin bidi - Mooro peoples knowledge trail : interpretation of the City of Stirling Local Government Area literature review. Leonard Collard, Angela Rooney wer Laura Stocker, 2014
  • Nartji katitj bidi ngulluckiny korrl? : (which knowledge path will we travel?). Len Collard wer Sandra Harben, 2010.
  • Beeliar Boodjar : an introduction to the Aboriginal history of the City of Cockburn based on existing literature. Leonard Collard wer Clint Bracknall, 2001.
  • Nyittiny : cosmology of the Nyungar of South-Western Australia. Leonard Collard, 2008
  • Aboriginal young people in the southeast of Western Australia : implications for youth policy. Len Collard wer Dave Palmer, 1991.

Ngiyan waarnk edit

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