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Pwakkenbak is the name of the hill, 50 kilometres north of Albany, whose Wadjela name is Mount Barker. The nearby town of Mount Barker is named after the hill and similarly Noongar have taken to calling the town Pwakkenbak after the hill (see for example Mungart Boodja Art Centre). The hill's name was told by Manyat to Alexander Collie on their expedition. This was not Manyat's country but he had a mind map of the features to be found in this country.[1]

View east from Pwakkenbak to Porongurups

The hill is just 5 km from the town centre and is 404 metres above sea level.[2] A sealed road leads to the base of a 168 m high television tower on the summit of the hill — the tallest free-standing tower in the southern hemisphere.[3]

Ngiyan waarnk - References

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