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Kings Park may be referred to as Karrakatta (hill of the crabs); Yongariny (place for catching kangaroo); Gennungin Bo (the place for looking a long way); and Karlkarniny (fire place). All of these names are equally correct – depending on the context and time of the year.[1]

Karra Katta and Geenunginy Bo from Derbarl Yerrigan

Karra Katta may alternatively mean hill of the spiders.[2] Geenunginy Bo is an alternative spelling of Gennungin Bo and the Noongarpedia page explains the make up of the place name.[3][2]

The hill in Kings Park is called Mount Eliza in English, Noongar names are Mooro Katta or Kaarta Gar-up.[4]

Western Australia state war memorial edit

Eternal flame, with State War Memorial (behind), at Sunrise

The State War Memorial Precinct is located on Kaarta Gar-up overlooking Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River). It honours Noongar Baminy Gnullar Boodjar (people who fought for our country) and comprises the Cenotaph, Court of Contemplation, Flame of Remembrance and Pool of Reflection. The state Anzac Day dawn service is held here at 5:30 am on 25 April each year

Boodjar Kwel - Meaning of the place edit

Karra Katta Waarnk - Stories about Karra Katta edit

Ngiyan waarnk edit

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