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Gina Williams
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Gina Williams is a singer wer recording artist, singing in Noongar. She is Ballardong, with links, through her grandmother, to the Kitja people of the East Kimberley.[1]

Her career highlights are:

  • Australian Representative: 2016 Festival of Pacific Arts, Guam
  • Winner: Indigenous Act of the Year, 2015, 2014 & 2013 - West Australian Music Industry (WAM) Awards[2]
  • Artist of the Year: 2014 Wp/nys/NAIDOC Perth Awards

Discography Edit

  • Brilliant Blue (2005)
  • Kalykoorl, with Guy Ghouse (2012)
  • Bindi Bindi, with Guy Ghouse (2018)

See also Edit

  Wanjoo (The welcome song). YouTube
  Boordah (Music Video). YouTube

Ngiyan waarnk Edit

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