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بلۏچی (Template:Lang-bal) is a Northwestern Iranian language spoken primarily in the Balochistan region divided between Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

گپ جنۏکان پاکستان, اݔران, اؤگانستان, ۇ امارات رِدبندیء سال ۲۰۱۹
جاگه بلۏچستان
دراھیگݔنن گپ جنۏکان ۲۳ ملیون
زبانء سیادان
رسمی ئݔن وڈ
رسمی ئݔن وڈ بلۏچستان
کمݔنء زبان Flag of Pakistan.svg پاکستان
Provincial in رۏدرآتکی بلۏچستان

Flag of Iran.svg اݔران
Provincial in سیستان ۇ بلۏچستان

Flag of Afghanistan.svg اؤگانستان
Provincial in نیٚمرۏز

رِدبندۏک بلوچی اکئدمی, کوئٹہ
زبانء کدان
ISO 639-1 هیچگجام
ISO 639-2 bal
ISO 639-3 balMacrolanguage
individual codes:
bgp – رۏدرآتکی بلۏچی(سلئیمانی گالوار(
bgn – رۏکپتی بلۏچی(سرھدی(
bcc – کچی لبز
ktl – [[کوروشی]]



The Balochi vowel system has at least eight vowels: five long and three short.[1] These are Template:IPA, Template:IPA, Template:IPA, Template:IPA, Template:IPA, Template:IPA, Template:IPA and Template:IPA. The short vowels have more centralized phonetic quality than the long vowels. The variety spoken in Karachi also has nasalized vowels, most importantly Template:IPA and Template:IPA.[2]


The following table shows consonants which are common to both Northern and Southern Balochi.[3] The consonants /s/, /z/, /n/, /ɾ/ and /l/ are articulated as alveolar in Western Balochi. The plosives /t/ and /d/ are dental in both dialects.

Labial Dental Alveolar Retroflex Palato-
Palatal Velar Glottal
Stop Template:IPATemplate:IPA Template:IPATemplate:IPA Template:IPATemplate:IPA Template:IPATemplate:IPA Template:IPA
Affricate Template:IPATemplate:IPA
Fricative Template:IPATemplate:IPA Template:IPATemplate:IPA[cn 1] Template:IPA[cn 2]
Tap Template:IPA Template:IPA[cn 3]
Nasal Template:IPA Template:IPA
Approximant Template:IPA Template:IPA Template:IPA
  1. See Farrell (1990) for Southern Balochi as spoken in Karachi, Pakistan, and Axenov (2006) for Western Balochi as spoken in Turkmenistan.
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  3. See Axenov (2006) and Farrell (1990), respectively.

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