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History be de study ah tings weh happen in de past. People know wah gwan inna de past by lookin' at tings weh come from de past, like sources (like books, newspapers, scripts, an' letters), buildings, an' artifacts (like pottery, tools, coins, an' human or animal remains.) Libraries, archives, an' museums collect an' keep dese tings so people could study history. A person who study history dem call 'em a historian. A person who study pre-history an' history through tings left behind by ancient cultures dem call 'em an archaeologist. A person who study mankind an' society dem call 'em an anthropologist. De study ah de sources an' methods weh dem use fi study an' write history, dat dey call historiography.

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Psychology be de study ah de mind. Ee look at thoughts, feelings, an' actions in humans an' animals. Psychology try explain how de mind wuk. Ee also watch how weh we do relate to how weh we tink.

Plenty ah de research in psychology deal wid humans, but dey also use animals in research. Examples ah dis be classical conditioning an' operant conditioning. Psychology be one big subject. Ee cover nuff topics an' split up inna branches. Psychology got plenty similarities wid odda research fields like anatomy, biology, neuroscience, an' physiology.

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Fort James - Antiga an' Barbuda.

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Gud day! Yuh able write inna Antiguan an' Barbudan Creole? Weh need yuh! Our aim be fi build de first online Antiguan an' Barbudan Creole encyclopedia. We hope fi focus pon Antiguan an' Barbudan culture an' inspire dem who can't speak de language fi lern.

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