ᡝᠨᡩᡠᡵᡳ ᠵᠠᠯᠠᠨ ᠨᡳᠶᠠᠯᠮᠠ ᠪᡝ ᡥᠠᡳᡵᠠᠮᡝ᠈ ᡤᡝᠯᡳ ᡩᠠᠪᠠᠨᠠᠮᡝ ᡳᠨᡳ ᡩᠠᠮᡠ ᠵᡠᡳ ᠪᡝ ᠴᡝᠨᡩᡝ ᠪᡠᠮᡝ᠈ ᡝᡳᡨᡝᠨ ᡳᠮᠪᡝ ᠠᡴᡩᠠᡵᠠ ᠨᡳᠩᡤᡝ ᡤᡠᡴᡠᠪᡠᡵᠠᡴᡡ ᠪᡳᠮᡝ ᡝᠯᡝᠮᠠᠩᡤᠠ ᡝᠨᡨᡝᡥᡝᠮᡝ ᡨᡠᡨᠠᠮᡝ ᠮᡠᡨᡝᠪᡠᠮᠪᡳ᠉

Yes, I can see it: that really is good news. And I have fixed the typo.Obonggi (talk) 21:21, 19 August 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Main Page of WikiManchu edit

Hello Mr JackonLee54,

 It's very kind of you to help improve Manchu Wiki. Thank you very much!

ᠴᠣᡥᠣᡨᠣᠰᡥᡡᠨ ᡧᡠ ᡶᡳᠶᡝᠯᡝᠨ=Featured Article

ᡶᡠᠯᡠ ᠰᠠᡳᠨ ᡧᡠ ᡶᡳᠶᡝᠯᡝᠨ=Good Article

ᡝᠨᡝᠩᡤᡳ ᡳ ᠨᡳᡵᡠᡤᠠᠨ=Picture of the day

ᠰᡳ ᠰᠠᠮᠪᡳᠣ=Did you know?

ᡠᡳᡴᡳᡦᡳᡩᡳᠶᠠ ᠠᡳ ᡳᠨᡠ=About Wikipedia

ᡠᡳᡴᡳᡦᡳᡩᡳᠶᠠ ᡳ ᡤᡡᠸᠠ ᡤᡳᠰᡠᠨ=Other languages on Wikipedia

ᡳᠨᡠ ᡥᡡᠯᠠ=Read more

ᡠᡳᡴᡳᡦᡳᡩᡳᠶᠠ ᡳ ᠶᠣᠣᠨᡳ ᠪᡳᡨᡥᡝ=View complete list of Wikipedias

ᠯᡝᠣᠯᡝᡵᡝ ᠪᠠᡳᡨᠠ ᡳ ᠶᠣᠣᠨᡳ ᠪᡳᡨᡥᡝ=List of topics





ᡶᠠᡴᠰᡳ ᡝᡵᡩᡝᠮᡠ=Technology







--Obonggi (talk) 13:01, 23 August 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hello, there are some errors on the titles of your sandbox. Did you add spaces in ᡝᠨᡝᠩᡤᡳ ᡳ ᠨᡳᡵᡠᡤᠠᠨ, ᡠᡳᡴᡳᡦᡳᡩᡳᠶᠠ ᡳ ᡤᡡᠸᠠ ᡤᡳᠰᡠᠨ, ᡠᡳᡴᡳᡦᡳᡩᡳᠶᠠ ᡳ ᠶᠣᠣᠨᡳ ᠪᡳᡨᡥᡝ, and ᠯᡝᠣᠯᡝᡵᡝ ᠪᠠᡳᡨᠠ ᡳ ᠶᠣᠣᠨᡳ ᠪᡳᡨᡥᡝ? If you did, then the grammatical "i" will become like the pronoun "i"(ᡳ), which I see in your sandbox: that is incorrect. Can you bother fix it?
Maybe a new section ᠵᡠᠯᡤᡝᡳ ᠪᡳᡨᡥᡝ ᡳ ᡧᡠ ᡶᡳᠶᡝᠯᡝᠨ can be added on to the main page of WikiManchu which displays some articles copied from old books. Classical-Chinese Wikipedia also has such a section (詩詞賞析). Actually, the article on the right of the painting of Changbai Mountain on the main page of WikiManchu can be selected into this section. Can you deal with it?
By the way, you added "參考滿洲語的拉丁文版本。/ View the Manchu Latin version" on Wp/mnc/ᡝᠮᡠ. Maybe "拉丁轉寫" is better than "拉丁文" because the latter one is ambiguous since it actually means "(the script of) Latin language".
Thank you again for your efforts to refurbish the main page of WikiManchu.
Regards --Obonggi (talk) 08:20, 24 August 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Your sandbox page edit

I assume you copied this in from the main page of Wp/ii. That's fine, but please add some attribution somewhere, perhaps on its talk page. That is required under the license here (CC BY-SA 3.0). Thanks. StevenJ81 (talk) 15:01, 13 September 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]