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I am Weather Top Wizard, I am the unprofessional amateur editor for Incubator wiki. I will help create or expand the entries for the minor languages from regions of Italy or Europe, language of some Africa countries and Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. However, it's necessary I need to look up the dictionary to find the suitable meaning for the words of by the editing. After creation, it depends on whether or not to expand the entries, but most it will not to be going much further revision.

Also, the target in my Incubator activity is, collaborate with those expert users to correction and amand the mistakes, make the entries promoting for quality.

My main user page is in [Chinese Wikipedia], be warning all content at the page all are Chinese!

我是Weather Top Wizard,是在維基孵育場活動的非專業業餘編輯。我會幫助來自義大利地區或歐洲的次要語種創建或擴展條目、一些非洲國家語言及澳洲、美拉尼西亞、密克羅尼西亞和波利尼西亞等大洋洲國家和地區的語言也有。然而,我需要查字典才能找到適合的詞條的意思去做編輯。創建後,取決於我是否擴展條目,但大多數不會進一步修改。


我的主用戶頁在 [中文維基百科], 要注意用戶頁全部的內容都是中文!