Tomasz Bladyniec
As an OSCE observer in Minsk, Belarus, 2016
Tomasz Bladyniec
Journalists, politicians, people influencing the fate of the world — they all use Wikipedia. The better knowledge they find there, the better decisions they will make.

About me

I am a civil engineer with PhD in the history of technology. I'm interested in history and defending of human rights in Belarus and Ukraine. I edit Polish and Belarusian Wikipedia, Wikidata and Wikiquotes, mostly in topic of Belarus. I am a member of Wikimedia Polska and in 2014-2018 I was a member of its Peer Court.

From 2003 I am interested in Belarus - most of all in the field of human rights defense, supporting civic society, politics and culture. I learned by myself English, Belarusian[1] and Russian languages. In 2003 I was co-founder and the first president of organization named Union for Democracy in Belarus[2]. From 2004 I was a member and activist of Free Belarus Initiative organization. I was co-organizing and running numerous initiatives related to Belarusian-Polish cooperation, like workshops, trainings, conferences, presentations. In years 2006-2007 I was helping in implementation of the Kalinowski's Scholarship Program. I was participating in implementation of training program for Belarusian youth in Poland ("Weekend in Poland") and in Belarus ("Belaplus") focused on topic of civic society, media etc. Many times I was sent by OSCE or the government of Poland as a short-time observer of elections in Eastern Europe: in 2004[3] and 2016 - in Belarus and in 2006, 2007 and 2015 - in Ukraine. My work was noticed many times by the Belarusian media.

My work

Editing Polish Wikipedia

Vast majority of my work is dedicated to editing Polish Wikipedia. My preferred topic of editing is Belarus - remarkable people, history, politics, geography, kulture. I have registered my account in Wikipedia December 29th, 2006, but I just made a minor correction then. The idea of editing Wikipedia was attracting me, but the code and editing methods seemed too complicated for me then. In 2009 I was encouraged by Belarusian Wikimedian Wizardist and I tried again. August 21st, 2009 I have made my first big edit, expanding article Panika na stacji metra Niemiga. September 28th, 2009 I have received reviewer rights in Polish Wikipedia[4]. At first, I was making translations of artictles from Belarusian into Polish, after that I started to create my own. January 19th, 2010 I have created my 100th article (Budynek Towarzystwa Wzajemnego Kredytu w Mińsku), December 31th, 2011 - 500th (Szczolonka), October 21th, 2014 - 800th (Rusłan Ihnaciszczau). From the beginning of 2015 I have focused of correcting and expanding the articles I created earlier to promote as many of them as possible to the Good Article or Featured Article status.

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More about me

At Winter Summit of Polish Wikimedians, 2017

Education and work

13th Birthday of Wikipedia
Wikimedia Polska Summit in Gdansk, 2015

I was born September 7th, 1982 in Warsaw. I graduated in Civil Engineering Faculty of Warsaw University of Technology, major: Roads and Railways (2010) and major: Bridges and Tunnels (2015). Since 2008 I was working in construction companies building highways, railways, bridges and tunnels in Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Stockholm and Rome.