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pnt-2 Ατός ο χρήστες καλατσέβ ολίγα Ποντιακά.
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I decided to join and hopefully contribute to pontic greek wikipedia test from time to time.
My nickname derives from the ancient greek philosopher Diogenes of Sinope.

Many (Greeks) believe that Pontic Greek is just a dialect of jokes and idioms. Of course it’s not. On the other hand, I am not interested in promoting Pontic Greek chauvinism or anything of that sort. I am just interested in using this language/dialect as a medium of communication, mainly to share knowledge written in it.

Ποίστεν το γράψιμον ιμ κι άλλο καλλίον! :-)


Ας καλατσέβουμε!
Ас колачевуме!
As kalachevume!