User:SPQRobin/process for new created sites

See Incubator:Maintenance

Administrators edit

First asking the user:
== The NAME PROJECT is created ==
Hi, {{subst:PAGENAME}}.  Congratulations with the [ new created site]. 
Please do not start editing there, because the pages will be exported to there.

You were a test-admin for [[PREFIX/CODE]]. Those rights are now removed, but you can become a temporary admin on the new site (probably for one month).
If you want so, please leave a note on my [[User talk:SPQRobin|talk page]].
Please do not forget to state you want this (because I use this as a confirmation for the stewards).
Also give the username on the new project (so which user has to be sysopped - probably the same username).

Greetings, ~~~~
Request on m:RFP:
I request temporary sysop access for an other user.
*'''List of local sysops:''' [[INTERWIKI:CODE:Special:Listusers/sysop]]
*'''Local user page:''' [[INTERWIKI:CODE:User:USERNAME]]
*'''Preferred duration and reason:''' One month or so. It is a new created site, on Incubator he was a test-admin, so I asked him to have admin rights on the new site and he [LINK confirmed] that. He will be an admin to help get the new project off the ground, and do some general tasks.

Thank you, ~~~~