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Mohammed mustapha Bulama
Alanguburo (Kanuri Proverb).

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My name is Mohammed mustapha Bulama. I belong to the Kanuri tribe and I am proudly Muslim. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I strongly support the creation of pages and articles in the Kanuri language on the Wikipedia platform. I am volunteering my time as an editor on Wikipedia, with a specific focus on the Kanuri Language Platform. participant/Participant

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| about my work = Since joining Wikipedia , my main focus has been on the development of Kanuri Wikipedia. I have created and edited numerous articles, as well as assisted new users on the platform. Additionally, I have participated in several events related to Wikipedia. I am currently volunteering as an editor with a specific focus on the Kanuri Language Platform, and I hold the position of Administrator at Kanuri Wikipedia Incubator.

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