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Hi I´m , I love history, geography and languages, now I´m developing and turning better the Fala Wikipedia; well, however we have very much time for develop, increase our knowledge, then having an useful source we can do something bigger and powerful, we need to be acording the Wikimedia's admision criteria to be a new wikipedia. 'Let´s u'pgrade it! If you know more about the Fala, please join our little team, if you have a good level of Wiki Code please teach me and then I will make things better, we're always learning, it's imposible don't do it (unless you're sleeping!).
If you want visit or even join the Fala's project you can surf there by this link: [1]

This is me on summer holidays, I was caughting a few days of relax in !

Dee Hatte Temïe ïes an helpre am Wikimedia Incubator, al's magnen an VRI INSKLUPET am alt Almen ette Asmen kïan helpren ta dïeglop an Susïtïen mor fer ette anhit. Dee Utsufsïentïe am Hunïesme ïes dee mïen hestïon dee ogges Tems. Dut huntriv yes mun mïen ta ogge, dut hrïan ta Rïa kïan tsang dee Birlt. Dee'ïes bat be'r dunïen, huinen ass! - Gato Preto