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Hello, this is my userpage for Wikimedia. Although my focus is on Wikipedia, and mostly English Wikipedia, where I use the same username, I'm fairly strong with some aspects of media relevant to Wikimedia.

Audio Editing - fairly strong in audio editing including speech, some enhancements and music editing. I edit backing tracks and have recorded and mastered a live double album for a local group. Rather keen on preserving Dynamics and avoiding becoming a casualty of the Loudness War, the reason behind my Username.

Audio Technical - fairly strong on signal processing and codecs and theory behind much of this, thanks to using Fourier Transforms and similar techniques in my education, applied physics research and early career. Mostly aware of what I don't know and the pitfalls of non-blind testing. Pretty familiar with the best codecs for most circumstances as revealed by double-blind group testing.

Image Capture - spent many years as a keen amateur photographer using an SLR film camera. Let my hobby slide for some time, but use my smartphone for convenience and still use a lot of what I learnt.

Image Editing - fairly strong using Paint Shop Pro to version 7 and GIMP since then. Sometimes use own Convolution Matrix Filters (via spreadsheet) to handle tricky resampling (image scaling) to avoid jaggies and similar aliasing problems. Created album cover art for double-album (see Audio Editing) and took and composited photos for publicity posters, with text overlay editing easily achieved by group members in LibreOffice.

Image Technical - fairly strong on signal processing theory and understanding various algorithms and their limitations.

Video Editing - little familiarity with video editing tools. Never found anything I could try for free that just worked - usually restricted input formats and very slow processing, and no need to persevere as I don't need to do it often and not for profit. Pretty au-fait with codecs and optimising their settings, e.g. Constant Quality mode in h264 encoders. Have very successfully synchronised soundboard gig audio with smartphone or camera video using spectrogram view in Audacity to align and trim audio to matching length, foobar2000 converter to create AAC audio and using YAMB to remux the video with the desired audio stream. From there Handbrake can easily transcode the video while passing through the pristine audio as encoded by the best audio encoder available, rather than its native encoder. Only cursory experience of Theora and WebM free video codecs, though very familiar with their Vorbis and Opus audio streams.