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My Introduction


Hi! I am Chi Hong Lee, a secondary one student of United Christian College (Kowloon East). Today, I am going to share with you about me.

There are three members in my family, my dad Ringo, my mom Clara and me. I was happy and cheerful when I was small because my parents always played with me. But when I got older, I have to go to school and I have less time to see them but we still play together.

In my spare time, I like chatting with my friends and playing piano, but what I most enjoy is reading since it can enrich my knowledge as well as my thinking skills.

I also love building 「LEGO」 which is a kind of block made from plastic, because I can express my creativity when I am playing 「LEGO」. Also, my ambition, to become a successful architect, was come from 「LEGO」. In order to achieve this aim, I will read more books about architecture and I will study hard at school.

Having said that, I know that I will face a lot of challenges. However, I am confident I can overcome all the difficulties. I understand that persistence is one of the keys to success, and I will never give up my aim.