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Abdul Rahman Hamidu is a dynamic advocate hailing from the Northern Region of Ghana, with Tamale as my hometown. I possess a deep-seated passion for the realms of Tourism, Technology, and Research.

My wanderlust knows no bounds, and I thrive on my love for travel, venturing far and wide to discover new horizons and cultures. My insatiable curiosity and innate desire to collaborate with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds form the cornerstone of my work.

In essence, Abdul Rahman Hamidu is a rising star who bridges the worlds of tourism, technology, and research while embodying the spirit of global interconnectedness through my love for travel and cross-cultural engagement.

My role at the National Identification Authority has led me across all 16 regions of Ghana, including locations where vehicles struggle to access. These are remote areas devoid of telecommunication networks and electricity. In fulfilling my duties, I've journeyed to these far-flung areas of Ghana to collect biometric data from citizens, ensuring their registration onto the national identity database, and issuing them with a national identity card.

What I Do

I previously worked as the Social Media and Communications officer for the Moore Wikimedia community, I am currently a co-founder for Ghana Wiki Connect, I facilitate online and in-person workshops as well as taking active roles in the planning of events for the community. I work with USAID/PMI Evolve Ghana Project as Finance AssistantI, I also work as a Mobile Registration Workstation Officer (MRWO) at the National Identification Authority in the Savanna Region of Ghana, I am a graphic designer, computer enthusiast and an enterpreneur.

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