Antandrus on the English Wikipedia is my main gig here.

Just some guy with a doctorate in music who thinks he knows enough to contribute to an encyclopedia, and who finally got around to making an equivalent account on Meta.

I've been on en: since early 2004, and have written somewhere between 500 and 600 articles in my area of specialty. I also swat vandals and trolls and fix various broken stuff, but my main interest, and by far the most important reason I am on Wikipedia, is to contribute content.

I sincerely hope that my work here--as well as that of the thousands of other editors who have worked on the project--has served, and will continue to serve as a useful resource for anyone who searches for information, and who does not want that information to be hidden in a vault, kept behind a lock and key, or maintained by High Priests of Knowledge with nobody's interests but their own in mind. Knowledge is still power, and has been for thousands of years: let the power be free.

"Information wants to be free" has finally grown up, or so I sincerely hope.