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Únětický potok, one of the images I simply like Welcome, visitor. More about me you can find on one of my subpages, in order to keep this page clean and neat. Another subpage – this one – contains list of my articles in Czech (cs.wiki) that I like – FA's are also there. My own images are uploaded on Wikimedia Commons and placed into several galeries. Projects and experiments I want to use later, can be found on sandbox page. My activity on cs.wikipedia.org you can see in this editcount. If you want to send me a message, please, use talk page, or ICQ (327 452 900) or send me an e-mail.
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cs.wikinews milestones:

  • 4th Jan 2007 - 10 articles
  • 16th Jan 2007 - 20 articles
  • 3th Feb 2007 - 50 articles
  • 27th Feb 2007 - 100 articles

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