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This is a proposed policy in accordance with the language subcommittee's language proposal policy.

The Wikimedia Incubator hosts tests of new language editions of existing projects for proposals at Requests for new languages (a test project can be started at any time before or during a proposal). The Incubator does not host tests for projects not listed at

Before starting, make sure the proposal conforms to the prerequisites of the language proposal policy and the points below.

Test languages




At least five active users must contribute to the test project, taking into account basic policies like neutrality and the Foundation copyright guidelines[1].



Start a test on Incubator by creating a main page, with an article name consisting of just the prefix (see below). List the test on Template:Tests.

Closure or deletion

  • Tests that are inactive for over a year will be deleted.
  • If a project is given final approval by the language subcommittee, the test's pages will be imported and redirected to a subdomain wiki of its own. If it is rejected, the test will be deleted or kept for future proposals when the requirements are fulfilled (depending on circumstances).

Whilst on Incubator




All tests must be listed in a centralised location (currently Template:Tests).


  • All article pages in a test have a prefix of the form "project/langcode/", for example "wp/en/" for English Wikipedia.
  • Images cannot be uploaded to Incubator; they must be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Categories do not require prefixes, but must be themselves categorised into a large category for the test.
  • Templates must be prefixed as the articles.

Test Admins


Whilst on Incubator, you may apply for test adminship. This gives you admin rights (to delete and protect pages, and to block users) on your test. Test adminship is only granted to users who have proven themselves good on tests with more than 50 pages of content. If the language is approved fully, the test admins will become admins on the new wiki.

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  1. The Foundation copyright guidelines are under development; see "Clearing up Wikimedia's media licensing policies" and "RfC: Draft licensing policy resolution".