Incubator:Coordination for importing closed projects

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Since July 2007, closed projects are imported to Incubator. All import actions are logged at Special:Log/import. See I:Exporting about new wiki creations.

Tracking tag for wiki closures: wiki-setup


  1. Go to m:Proposals for closing projects#Closed proposals.
  2. Find one that is not yet done.
  3. If there is enough usable content,* import it:
    1. Get a list of pages to be exported (e.g. in a simple text editor):
      • Namespaces: (main), talk, category and category_talk
      • You can use Special:Allpages on the local wiki.
      • Note: It's not needed to register, or the database must not necessarily be open.
    2. On the list:
      • Remove pages that are not needed to be exported, like "Template:Babel", "Template:Delete", etc. because they exist on Incubator or are useless for it.
      • Be sure all page names are on separate lines.
    3. Copy the list to the field at Special:Export (on the wiki), as explained on that page.
    4. Important: Uncheck "Include only the current revision, not the full history" and check "Include templates".
    5. Click on "export".
    6. Save that file on your computer (be sure that it supports utf-8).
    7. Edit the file in a text editor and add prefixes to the page titles, and be sure there is no unprefixed page called "Main Page".
    8. You may also consider adding prefixes to the links and templates on the pages, but watch out for links to userspace and interwiki links so you won't replace a "[[en:Main Page]]" by "[[Wx/xx/en:Main Page]]").
    9. Adjust the inclusions of files by replacing "[[<File/Image in the language>:" with "[[File:" everywhere. Move any freely licensed files uploaded on the closed wiki to Commons, and leave the rest alone.
    10. Adjust the categories pages are put in by replacing "[[<Category in the language>:" with [[Category:Wx/xx/" everywhere
    11. Go on Incubator to Special:Import. Search your computer for the XML file, then upload it.
    12. Make a {{test wiki}} page "Wx/xx". Set parameter |status = imported .
    13. Add this to Template:Tests
  4. Change the |incubator= parameter on m:Proposals for closing projects
  5. You have finished!
* If there is no usable content, create a page "Wx/xx" here with a notice that the test was closed, but not imported. See Wb/ie for an example.



Importing pages from a file upload is limited to users in the import group, see below or Special:Listusers/import for a list of them on Incubator.

You can request import access at Incubator:Administrators.