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Part ofPost-Soviet states, European Union tax haven blacklist  
Inception862, 25 October 1917, 25 December 1991  
Official nameРоссийская Федерация  
Native labelРоссия, Российская Федерация  
Short name🇷🇺, Россия, Росія  
IPA transcriptionˈɾʉʂlɑn  
Named afterKievan Rus'  
Official languageRussian  
AnthemState Anthem of the Russian Federation  
Cultureculture of Russia  
Motto textReveal your own Russia, Datgelwch eich Rwsia eich hun, Revela la teva pròpia Rússia  
ContinentEurope, Asia  
Located in time zoneUTC+02:00  
Located in or next to body of waterBaltic Sea, Pacific Ocean, Arctic Ocean, Black Sea, Caspian Sea  
Located in/on physical featureEurasia  
Coordinate location66°25′0″N 94°15′0″E  
Coordinates of easternmost point65°46′52″N 169°3′25″W  
Coordinates of northernmost point81°50′35″N 59°14′22″E  
Coordinates of southernmost point41°11′7″N 47°46′55″E  
Coordinates of westernmost point54°27′30″N 19°38′22″E  
Highest pointMount Elbrus  
Lowest pointCaspian Sea  
Basic form of governmentsuper-presidential republic  
Office held by head of statePresident of Russia  
Head of stateVladimir Putin  
Office held by head of governmentPrime Minister of Russia  
Head of governmentMikhail Mishustin  
Executive bodyGovernment of Russia  
Legislative bodyFederal Assembly of the Russian Federation  
Highest judicial authorityConstitutional Court of Russia, Supreme Court of Russia  
Central bankCentral Bank of Russia  
CurrencyRussian ruble  
Driving sideright  
Electrical plug typeSchuko, Europlug  
FollowsRussian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic  
ReplacesRussian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Soviet Union  
Studied inRussian studies  
Official websitehttp://gov.ru/  
Hashtagrussia, Russland, Россия  
Top-level Internet domain.ru, .рф, .рус, .su  
Main regulatory textConstitution of Russia  
Flagflag of Russia  
Coat of armscoat of arms of Russia  
Geography of topicgeography of Russia  
Has characteristicnot-free country  
History of topichistory of Russia  
List of monumentsRussian cultural heritage register  
Official religionnon-denominational  
Patron saintAndrew the Apostle  
Separated fromSoviet Union  
Railway traffic sideright  
Open data portalOpen Data Portal Russia  
Economy of topiceconomy of Russia  
Demographics of topicdemographics of Russia  
Official observer status in organisationCERN  
Gregorian calendar start date14 February 1918  
Mobile country code250  
Country calling code+7  
Trunk prefix8  
GS1 country code460-469  
Licence plate codeRUS  
Maritime identification digits273  
Unicode character🇷🇺  
Category for honorary citizens of entityCategory:Honorary citizens from Russia  
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Russia